Everything isn't a thing out there for me to deal
with: it's something for me to welcome and
understand and transform and love... and to be
welcomed and understood and transformed and
loved by. (Thank you, Martin Buber)
Work in conjunction with the universe, not against
Don't fight it. Go along with It.
The universe is not attacking me. Only if I attack
the Universe will it attack me. It's protecting me
so I can learn.
Be gentle. Don't attack the world. It's not attacking
Don't fight against, but work (even better, dance)
with (what) the Universe (offers you).
Don't wrestle with the Universe.
Dance with it.
Let it lead.
Instead of (getting up after meditation for
purposes of) me conquering the Universe, I'll let
the Universe conquer me.
Be integrated into the World, not at odds with it.
After all, it doesn't make sense to fight yourself.

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