With Objects
I just have to very gently manipulate (move
around) some physical objects in the world. (In
other words, there are many errands to do.)
If you're only manipulating physical objects, you
might as well be gentle with them.
In Your Actions
Just Gently do all the things you have to do.
Move gently, carefully and precisely.
As gently, carefully and precisely as I need to...
To Yourself
I, as all the things to do today, will gently attach
myself to me.
Be Gentle and kind (even to yourself).
To Others
Be Gentle (with parents, e.g., Dad, et al).
Be gentle in thought, word and deed.

Use this in SRD.

Consider: what did they go through to be like this;
how strong they are to have coped; and what can
they do to improve, and I do to guide them?

Apply this all to myself.

Be kind and gentle and loving.
Reach out and touch, be gentle and not afraid.
If you say it with love, peace and gentleness, how
can you be nervous?
Be accepting, gentle and loving... in mind, body
and soul.
Be Gentle with Everybody and Everything.
(as in activist work, etc.)
Be calm and gentle and peaceful, with everybody
and everything.
Don't be like a bulldozer... be like a gentle spirit
moving through.
All activities should be (are) part of the Soft
Gentle Flow.
I am being gentle, relatively speaking!

Don't break the porcelain! J
With the Universe
Be gentle. Don't attack the world. It's not attacking
Be nice and gentle with the Universe, and the
Universe will be nice and gentle with You.
Relax and be gentle with the Universe, and the
Universe will take care of you (and You!).
Be Gentle in All Things.
All is activity of Big Mind, so let it be gentle.
I must be careful, gentle and saving with my body
of Creation.
Treat every molecule of the universe with the
same tenderness you treat your own soul.
Positive, Calm, Gentle.
Beautiful, Kind, Gentle, Sweet and Soft.
The love-gentleness-happiness-tranquility of All.
You don't see the air, do you?
So how do you know it exists?
You have a physical "eye," so to speak -- your
lungs -- which sense it, appreciate it, and cannot
function without it.

You don't see friendship, do you?
So how do you know it exists?
You have a mental "eye," so to speak -- your
mind -- which senses friendship, appreciates
it, and cannot function without it.

Just as with air and friendship, you can't see God.
So how do you know God exists?
You have, but may not be aware you have, a
spiritual "eye," which senses God, appreciates
God, and cannot function without God.

The role of all the great world religions -- Judaism,
Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam -- is to
awaken, through a myriad of disparate and often
seemingly contradictory theologies, rites and
injunctions, the spiritual eye of their followers.

There are many paths -- some short, some long,
some solitary, some communal, some physical,
some mental, some intellectual, some emotional,
some a mixture -- but they all lead, ultimately, to
the same God within and without, All One,
Everlasting -- the Great Love, Gentleness,
Happiness and Tranquility that is the birthright of,
that is, All of Us.


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