One major way in which foreign aid is really cleverly crafted and disguised stealing involves "loans."  The U.S. government and U.S. banks make loans to corrupt, dictatorial or pseudo-democratic Third World governments which don't use the money to help their citizens, but to line the pockets of government officials. Then the citizens of those countries - the majority of whom are dirt-floor poor - wind up repaying the loan through burdensome taxes.  Loan repayments, stretched out endlessly, wind up totaling several times the amount of the original loan, providing enormous profits to the government and banks which made the loans. This stealing from the Third World poor is cleverly crafted and disguised by the fostering of the popular misconception that these foreign aid loans are used to help the average citizens of those countries.

The Fifty Years is Enough campaign is a source of much more detailed information about the adverse effect of such Third World loans.

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