Each golden rectangle contains one of the writings.


The writings are not in chronological order, but are organized by subject matter.

There are eight overall categories, each of which is further subdivided into topics. Each topic has a page devoted to it, which itself may have subtopics.  On each such page, the writings are usually arranged in order of narrowest to broadest depth and implications.


In order to organize the writings by subject matter, each writing was coded with one or more of about 1000 different subject matter codes. Each page generally represents one such subject matter code.

Most writings were deemed to fall under more than one code. The average was five. Accordingly, a given writing may appear on more than one topic page.

Dates Written

Each writing in the original hand-typed document also contains a date, and an indication of whether the words came to me during meditation or otherwise.

The date of any individual writing can be ascertained by looking at the source code for that page; the date is contained between the letters "qqq" and "jjj" at the beginning of that writing.


A few of the writings have an image immediately before them. Such an image was included when the original writing contained graphics or other elements that could not accurately be reproduced on the keyboard.

Completion of this site

This site is initially going online with a selection of about 600 of the 3000 writings. The Latest Additions page will indicate each time more writings are added.

While many topic pages and individual writings can be understood in isolation, it would be best to take in the site as an integrated whole.  

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