Ken Wilber, a major American philosopher, and developer of seminal theories in the field of trans- personal psychology, describes eight levels of human psycho-spiritual development. In barest form, they are:

Level Type of Exchange Paradigm Sphere Archetypal Analyst
1. Physical material food & natural resource use manual or technical labor Marx
2. Emotional pranic breath & sex emotional intercourse Freud
3. Verbal symbolic discourse communication Socrates
4. Mental/Egoic mutual self-
self-consciousness mutual personal recognition and esteem Hegel
5. Psychic intuitive siddhi shamanistic kundalini Patanjali
6. Subtle God-light nada subtle heaven Kirpal Singh
7/8. Causal Ultimate samadhi Void/Godhead Buddha/Krishna/Christ

Mr. Wilber's discussion and analysis of this subject can be found in various of his books, including
Up from Eden, from which most of the information in this chart was taken. This chart is, of course, a severely truncated explication of Mr. Wilber's views, and has not been reviewed by him.

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