Like a thousand vacations...
A good meditation is a thousand vacations.
Meditation fits onto me like a nice glove.
Sweet, sweet meditation.
Meditation is the refreshing holy mountain that I've
always needed.
My soul has that satisfied feeling the body gets
after an intense session of lovemaking.
Meditation is making love to with God.
Coming out of meditation, God doesn't want to let
me go; I don't want to let me go.
There's nothing I ever do that at the same time, I
don't want to do, except meditation.
This is the most fulfilling thing I've ever done, the
most fulfilling moment of my life.
I am privileged to have the opportunity and
knowledge to meditate: to do anything, and be
Aware of it and It.
Just as there are sounds too low to hear
And objects too small to see,
Smells too faint to detect,
Tastes too subtle to recognize, and
Touchings too light to feel,
How much more so is the Spirit!
And just as we use instruments to better
hear and see, smell and taste, and touch,
So there are instruments to know the Spirit,
Instruments called Faith, Openness and Surrender,
Wrapped in a beautiful thing called Meditation.
Come know, for then shall be One.

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