Of Thought, Ego, Senses
The see-hear-smell-taste-touch is actually but
one big Impression.
Consciousness without subject, object or action:
the thinker, the thought, and the act of thinking are
Your ego's negated,
You become the whole phenomenal universe.
How could things be other than the way they are?
How could you be other than you?
The self + the not-self = the Self.
The Inside/Outside is no more, in the same way
Past, Present and Future are One: a big cube of IT,
as it were.
As Seen Through Your Eyes
To say when you gaze inward you see nothing, is
simply to say you are everything; and just as an
eye cannot see itself, nor a hand touch itself, 
everything can't "see" itself -- that's the kind of
nothingness there is.
You are everything.
You can't see yourself.
Therefore the Void.
The big eye is watching, is everything.
Others Are You
You don't have to make believe everyone else is
you. They are you.
You are One with the lowliest sickly beggar dying
in the streets of Calcutta, to the Nobel-winning
scientist, to the jet setting movie star.
We're All One.
The Same Thing
It's all flowing, moving and changing, within forms
and colors of the same thing.
The Suchness, and everything is just little things
in it.
It's all part of the same thing (the rest of the day
with meditation, or meditation with the rest of the

So let it be so!

Spread the Word: It's All the Same Thing.
Everything is the Same.
(all Good = all Bad)
It's All Always Everything.
Nothing, Emptiness
The no-thought, no mind is the ONE. Then you are
THAT, and THAT art THOU. As soon as any
thought arises, that marks the beginning of
differentiation, differentiation being the duality
caused by the mind.
If I am Every Thing I am nothing, because how can
any Thing Be, when it (all) is Every Thing?
Nothing is not a void, it's NoThing;
Everything is connected, all is ONE.
So form is emptiness and emptiness is form,
but also form is form and emptiness is emptiness.
Out of Emptiness comes Everything.
See yourSelf in EveryThing.
Recognize yourSelf in everything.
If you will but realize You are One and Nothing
Know there is Only One.
All One.
One System.
One Field.

There's nowhere you have to go, because
  you're everyplace.
There's no one you have to be like, because
  you're everyone.
There's nothing you have to do, because
  you're all action.
Thereís nothing you have to find out, because
   you know everything.
There's nothing you have to have, because
   you're everything.
There's nothing, because
  you are.


All of the Universe is doing what it's doing (as
ONE), just like my body does what it's doing as
ONE. I don't think my liver's doing this, my arm
that, etc. -- so with the universe, in the same
multi-variegated, but ultimately unitary way.

Inside and outside my "body" = two rooms of the
same house.
Your journey through the world is a journey
through the pathways of your being.
Where ever you go, it's a journey within.
Just as an iron bar seems to our physical eye
solid -- but is really a swirling mass of electrons,
protons, etc., all vibrating -- so all our daily
comings and goings, actions, etc. are really all
part of the solid bar called the ONE.
The see hear smell taste touch (indeed the ego
through everything-ever-repressed) are bands of
ONE consciousness, perceivable by the mind that
can do so, just like different band colors of light
are seen as LIGHT by the eye that can do so.
All of us are rays coming out of the same sun. And
we're all, each one of us, the sun also.
As Personally Experienced
It's ALL been revealed to me. I know it ALL.
Aware of Everything
Any single or specific thought is that much less, is
Beneath everything I hear,
  I hear OM.
Beneath everything I see,
  I see OM.
Beneath everything I smell,
  I smell OM.
Beneath everything I taste,
  I taste OM.
Beneath everything I touch,
  I touch OM.
Beneath everything I do,
  I do OM.
Beneath everything I feel,
  I feel OM.
Beneath everything I think,
  I think OM.
Beneath everything,
  I am OM.
They're all the One Thought, which Is Me.
I am One with All Life.
i am in the world.
The world is in Me.
I am the world.

Real love is when you can say "I love who we are".
I know who we are.
We are.

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The World is Me, and I am the World.
I and the World are One.
I Am ALL These Things.
I am all phenomena. I am ALL.
I'm not anything -- I'm everything.
I Am Everything. I Can Seek Nothing.
I'm EveryThing.
I am the no-thing, no-mind from which everything
comes. I am everything, everymind.
I am the Whole Universe.
me + non-me = Self.
As Personally Experienced Bodily 
I am interconnected with the whole Universe.
I turn inside out, so my face, etc. is facing inward,
and my innards are facing the universe, are the 
universe. The universe is what creates me.
There's a whole universe walking through my
I share Two Bodies, which are ONE.
I and the Sea are One: it's doing It's thing, I'm
doing mine.
A mellifluous, wonderful flowing together of All.
I am the field through which everything else
I am the entire Phenomenal Universe (a faint,
stretched, clear, almost featureless face is ALL).
A real sense of being the Whole Thing.
The Whole Thing.
The big Two Billion Ton Elephant sitting.
(= the 10,000 Things)
["There is no place to put this gigantic body."]
God Sit (Earth as part of the corner of my
Whole-God Body: nothing really matters.
(can be read as "Nothing" really does matter!)
The waves of the universe are gently lapping up
against me, caressing me and, like little fish,
kissing me... My outline fades out and dissolves
into the universe, except the outline is all of me,
inside also...
I am coming down from above and lifting out. I am
the balloon string holder.
Through the top of my head, the black outline
boundary between me and the rest of the universe
is dissolving, starting with the top of my head, to
the rest of my head, to my shoulders, to my
chest -- no further for now.
My little small "s" self is melting away in a wisp of
smoke. I'm the universe, all the things in it,
conscious of all, without my small "s" self there,
without any particular viewpoint there. (It's level
6-7, not the 3 (magic) level.)
The top head dissolve to infinity.
The Porous Disintegration into Oneness.
It's Me.
Personal Similes
The whole porcelain pitcher.
The inside out sock.
Banana and skin.
I am the self-raining tree watering my own seed.
I am the cake mold in which the universe fits.

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