The opposite of capitalist efficiency isn't socialist
inefficiency. Efficiency per se isn't bad. If there's
a burning house with many children inside, you
want the most efficient way to get as many of
them out as possible. The most efficient way is
the way both the socialist and the (hopefully
caring enough!) capitalist would choose. The crux
is to what purpose the efficiency is put: to derive
maximum profit, vs. to derive maximum benefit to
the most human beings.
If you work a full time job, you should be able to
raise a family on it. If the social contract doesn't
provide for that, then that contract is null and
void, its provisions don't apply, and it must be
The work you do in life should be that which leads
you towards the fulfillment which is your
birthright. To the extent the society/social
organization doesn't allow that, the society/social
organization is inhuman, unacceptable, and
If everyone has Buddha within, then certainly
everyone has some lesser potential within, e.g.,
in art, or in some other creative/growth area. The
purpose of (post-)industrial society is to stifle
and prevent such growth, because someone
growing could not sit on an assembly line, etc.
all day long -- or could they for part of the day
(in Zen-like fashion), so the rest of the day they
could spend growing?
The society should be geared toward allowing
each person's innate goodness/Godhead to
emerge in full bloom -- to literally be that person.
Instead, society is geared towards the opposite,
to crush and kill it.
What kind of a society is it which, instead of
constantly giving positive input to its members
(e.g., you're beautiful, wonderful, smart and
intelligent; you have a wonderful job; your life is
worthwhile; you have what you need), continually
injects into them, almost forcibly, the most
horrific negative messages (e.g., you're not smart,
these other people are; you're not beautiful, so
buy this to make up for it; you smell, so buy this to
stop smelling; you should envy, and do envy, all
the riches of others that we're showing you; you
should be afraid of, and are afraid of, these other
people and countries, and want to kill them to
protect yourself) -- not to mention bombarding
their physiological being with chemical poisons
and other negative inputs (e.g., noise, ugly
The original, normal and preferred state of man is
love, not hate; peace, not war; joy, not suffering;
oneness, not division; knowledge, not ignorance;
and God, not idolatry. I welcome as brothers,
sisters, mothers, fathers and lovers all who want
to come with me back to the original man state,
what is for us the normal and preferred man
state: the only One that can really Be.
Effects of the Corruption of Purpose
What's easy, in a non-prophetic-level-justice
superstructure (i.e., society), is never right (e.g.,
drinking milk).
Ninety percent of people are now in (and at least
subconsciously know they're in) wasted jobs,
jobs that are not necessary -- as opposed to
before, when all jobs were necessary to provide
the wherewithal for people to survive.
The purpose of human existence seems to be to
sell things, things no one really needs at that.
Producing necessities (food, clothing, shelter,
utilities) currently fills x millions of jobs: no one
else needs to work.
It's not my fault this society will, by and large, pay
you to oppress, torture, mutilate and kill, but won't
pay you to try to stop (those who do) the
oppression, torture, mutilation and killing.
Do you measure a man's worth, do you determine
whether he's gainfully employed in the business
of life, solely by whether this society gives him
money for doing what he does? In a society that is
fundamentally corrupt, and that is foundationed
upon the exploitation, enslavement, torture,
mutilation and murder of billions of human beings
and tens hundreds of billions of other living
creatures (namely, non-human animals), do you
really want to be told "Hey, you're doing a great
job, here's your reward"? Or, would you rather be
told "Listen buddy, what you're doing we won't
pay you for, and in fact we want you to stop doing
it, and we're going to throw you in jail -- beat --
torture -- KILL you for it"? (cf. every prophet and
Jesus)  Aren't these the words you need to hear,
your reward, as it were?
We celebrate Christmas by the most anti-Christ
message possible: the kingdom of heaven isn't
within you; you're not whole and complete; but
rather, what will get you the kingdom and make
you whole and complete, is out there, for
Society's job is to take an innocent child and mold
it into a hateful, uncaring hunk of shit.

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