The three pillars upon which our civilization rests
are the enslavement, torture, mutilation and killing
of: (1) non-human animals, (2) humans, and (3) the
non-sentient universe (i.e., Mother Earth).
[Envision a drawing with squashed and otherwise
destroyed people, animals, trees, oceans, the
planet itself!]
It's not three pillars, it's four:
the oppression, etc. of self
                                      * other humans
                                        non-human animals
                                        the environment.
John Robbins covers 75%, ignoring *.
There's a fifth you can oppress: God.
The entire world is built on Three Pillars, so to be
really pure, I couldn't move a muscle.
The Ultimate Cause
The Atman Project is the cause of Three Pillars.

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