I can only live with people whom the light of God
is shining through. This means in the physical
realm that they are sharing with others, don't
hoard and hog more than their God-derived
rightful share (what other source of right is
there?) of his Earth's resources, and don't kill
animals to eat them or otherwise utilize their slain
bodies; on the intellectual level, that they
understand the cause of suffering in this world;
on the emotional plane, that they feel the suffering
of other sentient beings; and on the spiritual
plane, because of their physical, intellectual and
emotional understanding, that they spend as
much of their time as is humanly possible
fighting to end the suffering of all sentient and
non-sentient beings, thereby easing God's
suffering, and becoming God.
Jesus said "As you did it to one of the least of..."
Letís stop crucifying Jesus a billion times a day.

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