God Can Feel
Matthew 25:32-46: If we do it to Jesus, we do it to
Violence is like a cancer in God's body. It hurts
God terribly. And could be fatal to God.
There's a fifth you can oppress -- God.
                      Private Property and Profit

If we can't share mere things, how can we share

If I must have something and you not, how can
either of us have the knowledge of the One?
Profit creates something just so it can be taken
from another. It's just one more thing to come
between each of us and God. If we must divide up
and falsify the material world, what violence does
that do to the world above and within?
If we so kill
God, do we not kill what is, in essence, our
Selves? If we cannot share here on Earth, can we
ever know Heaven?

Creation is an extension of Me. Some of it is
hurting bad, and I want to heal Myself.
God Feels This Way:
To say that God loves any one group of people   
more than another (or even one atom of creation
more than another) is to negatively anthromorpho-
size God in a way he doesn't appreciate.
First they sin by torturing the animals. Then they
sin even more by killing the animals to eat them. 
Finally they commit the ultimate blasphemy by
calling the dead carcasses "kosher," as if God
approves of what they do!
When we're covered with the blood of others
whom we've killed through sins of omission and
commission, going to pray with ritualistic
emphasis is hateful in God's eyes.
_______(fill in the blank: e.g., our society, Reagan)
is a stinking piece of shit in God's nostril.
If God is truly our Father, how does he feel? Could
he truly want his children to be killing each other?
For some of his children to grow fat while denying
food to their starving brothers and sisters? How
can we be so blind? Can we really say that we
believe in the Bible or in any of the world's holy
scriptures, and continue to live the way we do? Is
it that there really is no God? Or is it that there are
no real humans, just mechanically intelligent
bipeds, who act in ways befitting creatures with
less spiritual development than animals?
God's pissed and can't stand it anymore.
This is the word of God: Had I not promised never
again to destroy humanity, I would destroy you,
because your evilness far outdoes that of Sodom,
Gomorrah and those of Noah's time.

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