If you have the power to save someone's life and
you don't, you've committed the worst mortal sin.
(How much more so when it's millions!)
It's wrong to harm another atom of the universe
when you don't have to.

It's wrong not to help another atom of the
universe when you can.

Cheer up! Be ecstatic! Eventually all killing of
people and animals will end. All will have enough
to eat, and war will end. Earth will be the Heavenly
Paradise it was intended to be all along, and still
can be. Each second is one second closer to that
time. Isn't that wonderful! Try your utmost,
because your actions may even hasten that time!
But be certain that without your actions right now,
that time may not come.
The world is now at the ultimate juncture,
perfectly balanced between good and evil, on the
precipice between Heaven or Hell. So what you
think, say and do in the next second will tip the
balance one way or the other, determine the fate
of the Universe, of every sentient being and each
iota of matter, for all eternity.
Duty to Become Aware
If a large number of a single class of people in a
society are bad off, that's a structural problem,
and that structural problem is a collective sin of
that society.
Clearly in Judaism the corporate acts count: what
else were the prophets condemning in their
criticism of the courts and the laws?
The Ten Commandments also apply to the U.S.
If you're leading the same kind of life -- in job,
food, recreation and other money expenditures --
that a rabid right-wing Reaganite could be leading,
then it's intellectually dishonest if you don't 
consider your "beliefs" to be of one.
Your moral responsibility extends beyond what
you can see with your own two unaided eyes, or
touch with your hands.
If my finger pulls the trigger of a gun and the gun
discharges and kills someone, if I said "I didn't do
it, I'm not responsible, my finger did it," that would
be just as ridiculous and unsupportable as those
who say "I'm not killing people all over the world,
my government is."
Let's say a clerk way down the chain of command
in the Nazi death camp system doesn't know what
he's doing. You tell him, but he refuses to believe
you. You then say if you go to x, do y, and read z,
you'll be convinced; he again refuses. Isn't he
then just as guilty as the person dropping pellets
into the gas chamber? Yes.

So lawyers et al who work for corporations and 
the U.S.  government, and are warned by those
like me, = THE SAME!!

"There are two sides to every issue."

"There's no black and white, only shades of gray."

The only people who talk like this are:

--The rich, who are well-insulated enough by
money, power and geographical distance so as to
(feel themselves to) be insulated from the effects
of the struggle.

--Reporters, who are professionally trained to
think of the world as an inverted pyramid, where
first one side, then another side is briefly
presented; then more details and background
facts, all supposedly objective and neutral, are
added; while the entire time (often unknown to
the reporter) a whole understructure of
assumptions, most of them racist, fascist,
capitalistic and uncaring (aren't all these words
varied ways of describing Satan's manifestation
on earth?) actually put the story firmly in one
camp or the other.

Does any religion teach shades of gray?!! Does
any religion say:

"Thou shall not kill -- except when others can do
it for you at a distance, enough layers removed so
that you can declaim responsibility and say (in
the supposedly most democratic country!)
`There's nothing I (we) can do about it.ī"

"Thou shalt not steal -- except when the society
can do it for you in ways so cleverly crafted and
(e.g., the global food system, foreign
that you think you're aiding, actually adding to
the material wherewithal of, the victims."

But above all (or more accurately, below all, as in
our boot heels), are there shades of gray to the
victims? Are there shades of gray to them?
You're either hungry or fed. And who chooses
to starve? You're free or oppressed. And who
chooses slavery? You're dead or alive. And who
chooses death? We only choose starvation,
slavery and death for others.

What else is there to discuss but this: your and
my complicity in the establishment, maintenance
and perpetuation of a worldwide system built on
the enslavement, torture and murder of hundreds
of millions of people, and the enslavement, 
torture, mutilation and murder of hundreds of
billions of other living creatures, namely
non-human animals?
Call to Action
If the world has not driven you insane with anger,
either (a) you're insensitive or (b) you've reached
a certain level of meditation.
If your soul doesn't scream with agony when you
see what's going on in the world, then where is
your soul?
All modern men, especially Americans, have such
vast and deep availability of knowledge of
suffering in the world, that they subconsciously
want to punish themselves for avoiding, in their
everyday life, acknowledging -- let alone doing
anything about -- this suffering.
There shall be no slavery, of humans or animals.

All sentient beings shall be allowed to live out
their lives to their full measure and in their natural
condition. Specifically, animals may not be
hindered in these areas by their enslavement to
any system which extracts or otherwise obtains
anything from their bodies in any manner.

Thou shalt not steal, whether directly from any
individual person in person, or through any
economic, societal or other greater-than-one-
person organization or arrangement. Specifically, 
you shall trace your actions to their fullest
consequences, and end all neocolonial control
of other people's lives.

Thou shalt not remain silent in the face of another
sentient being's suffering, but you shall speak out
and take all other actions necessary to end that
sentient being's suffering in a manner consistent
with that sentient being's well-being. This applies
as well to groups of sentient beings of whose
suffering you are made aware.
I issue now a Universal call for all individuals and
peoples of conscience to cease cooperating
with -- yea, to actively oppose -- the forces of
oppression and evil in the world.
All every single person on the planet would have 
to do is act nicely toward the people and other
sentient beings and objects around him, and we
would have Heaven on Earth.
What are you doing about it. (cf. Jim Brown to
Richard Pryor
: "Watchya gonna do?")
Our passing by the homeless in the street and not
insuring they have someplace to stay is exactly
the same as the priest and the Levite passing by
the robbed, beaten traveler on the road; none of
us are Samaritans.
They spend a lot of time figuring out ways to use
timers et al to get around what constitutes doing
"work," and they make detailed examinations
and rulings about what constitutes doing "work." 
Why don't they spend at least as much time (it
should be a hundred times as much time) figuring
out new ways to pursue peace and to love their
neighbor? Or to make detailed examinations and
rulings about what constitutes stealing, and
oppressing the stranger, and piling up land?
Each one of us is fully and wholly responsible for
40,000 starvation deaths a day
. To the extent we
try to do something about it, we are that much
less responsible. But until the deaths end, full
non-responsibility can never be achieved.
It can't really be like this.
[written after reading a New York Times article
about a case of
child abuse: people  didn't call
for help, even when one person heard a child
screaming in the middle of the night, "Mommy,
please stop. No more."]
"If you have the power to stop it and donít..."
applies to God also!
Maybe it's not his job (in a "soul gymnasium"
sense) for Da Free John to intermingle with the
rest of the populace; likewise with others and
what they're doing, it's not their job.

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