The perfection of a creature is determined by the
extent to which it doesn't disturb, yea, the extent
to which it helps God complete and purify
Creation. Man does not rank very high on either
If you spend all week in your "work" destroying
people and the earth, you have NO RIGHT to
spend Shabbat sitting on your ass and enjoying
Creation. You better use that day to do intensive
healing work on people and the planet, especially
those you've spent the week destroying. This is a
temporary suspension of normal Shabbat
observance rules, because of a life and death
emergency that is continuous 24 hours a day, and
God said "As I rested on the seventh day, so shall
you do no work"-- but that was when creation was
perfect, as bestowed by God. Now that men have
had many millennia to screw creation up, the
seventh day should not be not to work, but to
work in a way so as to unscrew-up creation, to
re-create its original purity and perfection.
Anything, especially a religious practice, that
leads you away from, or takes time from, Tikkun
(healing the world) or from solidarity (stopping
torture, rape, mutilation, murder, oppressive
imposition of suffering, unjust and premature
death) -- anything that does so, is of the Devil, not
of God.
Only if we do God's work here on earth will He
allow us to partake of his Heavenly Realm when
we depart this earth.
For the thirsty, thou must milk a cow;
For the hungry, grow wheat;
For the sick, heal;
For the lonely, visit;
For the unknowing, bring knowledge.
All every single person on the planet would have
to do is act nicely toward the people and other
sentient beings and objects around him, and we
would have Heaven on Earth.
Hasten the coming of the Messianic Age:
If you believe it'll come as the work of Man, then
obviously you need to start. If you believe it'll be
Divinely ushered, you need to help create the
preconditions so the Divine will know we're ready.

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