The Sabbath
Shabbat is a luxury that we presently neither
deserve nor can afford.
God said "As I rested on the seventh day, so shall
you do no work"-- but that was when creation was
perfect, as bestowed by God. Now that men have
had many millennia to screw creation up, the
seventh day should not be not to work, but to
work in a way so as to unscrew-up creation, to
re-create its original purity and perfection.
On Creation Sabbath all was well. Peace and
harmony and love reigned on Earth and Heaven,
so a day of rest was wise and proper. Today, men
by their acts have made all not well, with war,
discord and hatred reigning on earth -- so men
have forfeited their right to a day of rest. On the
seventh day they must work, but work not for
themselves, but to re-establish peace, harmony
and love on earth.
If you spend all week working for social justice,
then you can spend the Sabbath relaxing. But if
you spend all week not working for social justice
(especially if it's spent effectuating, even if not by
specific intent, the opposite), then you should
spend the Sabbath working for social justice.
If you spend all week in your "work" destroying
people and the earth, you have NO RIGHT to
spend Shabbat sitting on your ass and enjoying
Creation. You better use that day to do intensive
healing work on people and the planet, especially
those you've spent the week destroying. This is a
temporary suspension of normal Shabbat
observance rules, because of a life and death
emergency that is continuous 24 hours a day, and
Is what was good enough for humankind's moral
and spiritual evolution 2-3000 years ago (e.g., the
Torah) good enough now? (Of course, we've yet
even to obey the Torah!)
I don't believe the earth is flat, and I don't believe
in slavery, or that homosexuals should be
executed, or that God loves the smell of burning
dead animals. I'm more advanced than either the
person (God?) who wrote the Bible, or the people
for whom it was intended; in the latter case, I'm
ready for something new.
You have to reject what's ugly in the Torah (or
understand it?)
Judaism isn't the racism, sexism and pro-slavery
found in the Old Testament -- those were never in
there as the word of God, and even if they once
were, were meant to be excised once we got
beyond that level of spiritual development.

Judaism isn't the blind Israelism of fanatical
Zionists -- in fact, the Old Testament is the exact
opposite, with un-euphemized fiery denunciation
by the prophets of the over-zealous Israelists of
their time.

And Judaism isn't the manner of socio-cultural-
interpersonal behavior of many Jews throughout

Judaism is (being) the ONE.

If it really says "Thou shalt not murder," then we'll
change it to "Thou shalt not kill." Is God going to
be angry with us for making that commandment 
stricter, more encompassing? For reducing even
further the amount of violence and bloodshed in
God's creation? It's what God meant to say, or
would have said, had people then been ready for
Shma Haolom, for all
It's not (so much) that (the message of) the divine
revelation has changed (since, e.g., Mt Sinai);
rather, it's that the ability of the people to
understand and express it has matured, deepened
and become more sophisticated.
[cf. Rabbi Falcon's "Torah as Rorschach"

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