As Individuals
It's an ugly stupid world of money grubbers out
Our passing by the homeless in the street and not
insuring they have someplace to stay is exactly
the same as the priest and the Levite passing by
the robbed, beaten traveler on the road; none of
us are Samaritans.
Why do you -- the spiritual seekers, the
practitioners of mainstream religions -- need a
book of 300 pages? First follow the Ten
Commandments (or equivalent thereof). When
you're done with that, then we'll talk about giving
you 300 pages to read.
It can't really be like this.
[written after reading a New York Times article
about a case of
child abuse: people  didn't call
for help, even when one person heard a child
screaming in the middle of the night, "Mommy,
please stop. No more."]
Each one of us is fully and wholly responsible for
40,000 starvation deaths a day
. To the extent we
try to do something about it, we are that much
less responsible. But until the deaths end, full
non-responsibility can never be achieved.
Never before in the history of the world have
people been so intellectually lazy. Where before
they entertained themselves, now they plop down
in front of a TV and allow themselves to be
bombarded with idiot commercials and
"programs" largely designed by infantile white
males with complexes about their small penises.
We insist on poisoning ourselves as much as we 
damn well want to, and then demand the doctors
cure us, instead of saying "OK, I'll stop poisoning
Most people just eat, sleep, shit and sometimes
fuck; plus they do drudge work, usually terribly
harmful to themselves and/or others, to support
the former four.
A society of morons sprinting on hamster-cage
treadmills with a carrot -- or should I say a slab of
steak -- dangling in front of their faces, which
distracts them from the red hot poker being stuck
up their behinds.
If the world has not driven you insane with anger,
either (a) you're insensitive, or (b) you've reached
a certain level of meditation.
Physically decrepit,
Intellectually straitjacketed,
Morally obtuse,
Spiritually moribund.
Imagine brains (representing people's
intelligence, emotional maturity, and overall
togetherness) in wheelchairs (and like physically
crippled kids, in that position through no fault
of their own).
Selfish, devil-possessed scum.
I'm (we are all) a self-serving knot of 
Together as Society
I am profoundly and deeply ashamed of myself
and of all Americans. What have we come to when
we accept as the normal course of business,
people living in the street? This is the richest
country on earth. We can, if we wanted to, build
minimally decent and adequate housing for the
homeless. Since we don't, we must not want to.
This says something ugly and horrible about our
personal and national souls.
If a large number of a single class of people in a
society are bad off, that's a structural problem,
and that structural problem is a collective sin of
that society.
Society's job is to take an innocent child and mold
it into a hateful, uncaring hunk of shit.
The purpose of human existence seems to be to
sell things, things no one really needs at that.

Producing necessities (food, clothing, shelter,
utilities) currently fills x millions of jobs: no one 
else needs to work.

Jesus said "As you did it to one of the least of..."
Letís stop crucifying Jesus a billion times a day.
Jesus will come a second time, and we're so 
fucked up he may have to die again.
The three pillars upon which our civilization rests
are the enslavement, torture, mutilation and killing
of: (1) non-human animals, (2) humans, and (3) the
non-sentient universe (i.e., Mother Earth).
[Envision a drawing with squashed and otherwise
destroyed people, animals, trees, oceans, the
planet itself!]
All of "civilization" is an attempt to escape from
Inherently as All Humanity
Any worthwhile "human" qua human endeavor
seems to come only after a negative event or
The entire human race can be looked at as an
idiot savant -- super-advanced technology vs.
barely-developed morality, even vis ŗ vis the
so-called "lowest" animal.
Humans systematize and mass produce killing,
murder, slaughter and hatred.
All every single person on the planet would have
to do is act nicely toward the people and other
sentient beings and objects around him, and we
would have Heaven on Earth.
If God is truly our Father, how does he feel? Could
he truly want his children to be killing each other?
For some of his children to grow fat while denying
food to their starving brothers and sisters? How
can we be so blind? Can we really say that we
believe in the Bible or in any of the world's holy
scriptures, and continue to live the way we do? Is
it that there really is no God? Or is it that there are
no real humans, just mechanically intelligent
bipeds, who act in ways befitting creatures with
less spiritual development than animals?
People from other planets be looking at us and
say: "These motherfuckers be killing themselves.
Imagine what they do to us."
The perfection of a creature is determined by the
extent to which it doesn't disturb, yea, the extent
to which it helps God complete and purify
Creation. Man does not rank very high on either
AIDS of the soul.
Is every life form so precious? Are not some of
them useless excrescences -- random
assemblages of molecules?
Would the universe rejoice if all human beings
Humanity is the spawn of the Devil.
Animals are the children of God.
Humanity is a failed experiment -- get the hell rid 
of it!
Maybe it's not his job (in a "soul gymnasium"
sense) for Da Free John to intermingle with the
rest of the populace; likewise with others and
what they're doing, it's not their job.
All those other (ugly, stupid) people in the
waiting room (at Dad's hernia operation) are Me,
so have Compassion and Love.

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