Allow my spirit to lay on the land of the United
States of America.

I don't really care what group of rituals someone
chooses to perform. I care about what spiritual
knowledge that person takes away from those
rituals, and what that person -- when not
performing rituals -- thinks, feels and does in
the "physical world" with the rest of my children. 

For the thirsty, thou must milk a cow;
For the hungry, grow wheat;
For the sick, heal;
For the lonely, visit;
For the unknowing, bring knowledge.
There shall be no slavery, of humans or animals.

All sentient beings shall be allowed to live out
their lives to their full measure and in their natural
condition. Specifically, animals may not be
hindered in these areas by their enslavement to
any system which extracts or otherwise obtains
anything from their bodies in any manner.

Thou shalt not steal, whether directly from any
individual person in person, or through any
economic, societal or other greater-than-one-
person organization or arrangement. Specifically, 
you shall trace your actions to their fullest
consequences, and end all neocolonial control
of other people's lives.

Thou shalt not remain silent in the face of another
sentient being's suffering, but you shall speak out
and take all other actions necessary to end that
sentient being's suffering in a manner consistent
with that sentient being's well-being. This applies
as well to groups of sentient beings of whose
suffering you are made aware.

This is the word of God: Had I not promised never
again to destroy humanity, I would destroy you,
because your evilness far outdoes that of Sodom,
Gomorrah and those of Noah's time.

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