Avoid the Negative
The greed instinct: are you, or are you not,
satisfied with (what you instinctively know to be)
your fair share of the earth's resources? That's
what you derive from an honest day's work -- 
building, creating, inventing, organizing -- creating
something which wasn't there before, and is not
derived from the profit off of the honest day's
work of other people.
The Old Testament was about people worshipping
(literally) pieces of wood and gold (deity idols).
Now, it's also about people worshipping pieces of
wood and gold, i.e., houses and jewelry (money
The purpose of human existence seems to be to
sell things, things no one really needs at that.

Producing necessities (food, clothing, shelter,
utilities) currently fills x millions of jobs: no one
else needs to work.
The constant manipulation of physical objects can
take up your whole life.
What kind of a society is it which, instead of
constantly giving positive input to its members
(e.g., you're beautiful, wonderful, smart and
intelligent; you have a wonderful job; your life is
worthwhile; you have what you need), continually
injects into them, almost forcibly, the most
horrific negative messages (e.g., you're not smart,
these other people are; you're not beautiful, so
buy this to make up for it; you smell, so buy this to
stop smelling; you should envy, and do envy, all
the riches of others that we're showing you; you
should be afraid of, and are afraid of, these other
people and countries, and want to kill them to
protect yourself) -- not to mention bombarding
their physiological being with chemical poisons
and other negative inputs (e.g., noise, ugly
Strive Towards the Positive
It's not what you have, it's how you act with it.
Share resources fairly and take care of the
defenseless ones.
Envy              Happiness in the well-being of others
Greed            Thankful counting of one's blessings
Lust               Recognition of the source, and
Anger/Fear   Understanding
Hatred           Love
I prefer that I, who have so much, have a little less
so that someone else, who has so little, can have
a little more.
Each at Their Own Pace
Certain parts of me are less developed than
others, and I don't get angry at the undeveloped
parts, or jealous of them, when lesser things,
(e.g., sex) makes them happy. Similarly, certain
aspects of Me are less developed than others,
and I shouldn't get angry at, or jealous of, these
undeveloped aspects when lesser things make
them happy, especially when those lesser things
are things that undeveloped parts of me once
wanted, but have already had and rejected.
(written in the context of my reactions to some
friends getting silly script deals, others babbling
about money and success. They have to achieve
these things themselves and then discard them
when they themselves are not satisfied by them,
not on my say so.)
You can't expect people to go from being poor to
being happy about being poor. They have to go
through an affluent stage, like all of us did.
As Part of Elementary Justice
If everyone on Earth had what they needed to be
quite comfortable in all ways, there would be
nothing extra. That's Tao. So any time each one of
us who has far more than he or she needs,
transfers that excess to one of us who has far
less than he or she needs, it's not "charity," but
justice and righteousness -- acknowledgement
of God's dominion -- because it's simply returning
to the oppressed what is rightfully theirs.
"God gave the earth to everyone equally and..."
Whatever you have in excess of your rightful 
share of the Earth's bounty is stolen goods.
Return it to she whom it was stolen from!
There shall be no slavery, of humans or animals.

All sentient beings shall be allowed to live out
their lives to their full measure and in their natural
condition. Specifically, animals may not be
hindered in these areas by their enslavement to
any system which extracts or otherwise obtains
anything from their bodies in any manner.

Thou shalt not steal, whether directly from any
individual person in person, or through any
economic, societal or other greater-than-one-
person organization or arrangement. Specifically, 
you shall trace your actions to their fullest
consequences, and end all neocolonial control
of other people's lives.

Thou shalt not remain silent in the face of another
sentient being's suffering, but you shall speak out
and take all other actions necessary to end that
sentient being's suffering in a manner consistent
with that sentient being's well-being. This applies
as well to groups of sentient beings of whose
suffering you are made aware.

How can you not see it's wrong to kill or torture
other living creatures because you want their
muscles to eat, skin to wear, eyes to pour acid in
in, or internal organs to poison!

How can you not see it's wrong to have so much
of what is NOT YOURS BUT GOD'S, when others
who have no less "right" to it than you have not


Spiritual Underpinnings
The ethnic groups and people who just do a day's
work and get a day's pay, and don't try to own a
factory or a building, may very well act that way
not because they're lazy or less intelligent; rather,
I really believe, the wellspring of their attitude, for
the most part, is the basic spiritual realization that
there's something wrong with trying to amass for
yourself more than your fair share. This attitude is
unlike that of certain other groups and people,
who go at acquisition with a passion, and think
such behavior is wonderful and something to be
proud of.
When I wear old clothes and ones with holes, it's
not because I'm a worthless piece of shit for
whom any rag is good enough. Rather, it's the
opposite: it's because I contain within me
everything in the universe that's good and
wonderful and necessary and beautiful and holy
and from God (and so do you, by the way); so it
doesn't matter what I wear. Even further, to wear,
or to go to any trouble to obtain, better clothes,
would somehow be trying to prove or show
something that doesn't need to be proven, and
that should be, indeed can only be shown, in
other ways; it would constitute a sort of
blasphemy, not to mention a waste of time that
could be better spent.
Giving money to other people is nice, because
they are you. In fact, so giving affirms it.
                      Private Property and Profit

If we can't share mere things, how can we share

If I must have something and you not, how can
either of us have the knowledge of the One?
Profit creates something just so it can be taken
from another. It's just one more thing to come
between each of us and God. If we must divide up
and falsify the material world, what violence does
that do to the world above and within?
If we so kill
God, do we not kill what is, in essence, our
Selves? If we cannot share here on Earth, can we
ever know Heaven?

I can only live with people whom the light of God
is shining through. This means in the physical
realm that they are sharing with others, don't
hoard and hog more than their God-derived
rightful share (what other source of right is
there?) of his Earth's resources, and don't kill
animals to eat them or otherwise utilize their slain
bodies; on the intellectual level, that they
understand the cause of suffering in this world;
on the emotional plane, that they feel the suffering
of other sentient beings; and on the spiritual
plane, because of their physical, intellectual and
emotional understanding, that they spend as
much of their time as is humanly possible
fighting to end the suffering of all sentient and
non-sentient beings, thereby easing God's
suffering, and becoming God.
Proverbs 30:7-9  "The Middle Way"

Two things have I asked of Thee;
Deny me them not before I die:
Remove far from me falsehood and lies;
Give me neither poverty nor riches;
Feed me with mine allotted bread;
Lest I be full, and deny, and say
"Who is the Lord?"
Or lest I be poor, and steal,
And profane the name of my God.

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