Instead of "good" vs. "bad," use the concepts
"cause less problems and suffering" vs. "cause
more problems and suffering."
It's wrong to harm another atom of the universe
when you don't have to.
It's wrong not to help another atom of the
universe when you can.
Love yourself in the way that causes the least
harm to the rest of the universe.
If I can live in a way that causes less pain and
suffering in the world, why shouldn't I?
The less suffering you cause other living
creatures, the happier you'll be both now and in
the future. And so will they. If acting in this
manner makes all living creatures on Earth
happier, what more need you know?
You never go wrong by avoiding possible harm
to another (who is, after all, whom!)
If all is ONE, then anything that creates lack, pain
or want in any part of the ONE, or conflict
between any parts of the ONE, is to be avoided.
the ultimate measure
I measure a person's worth by how little suffering
that person causes.
The perfection of a creature is determined by the
extent to which it doesn't disturb, yea, the extent
to which it helps God complete and purify
Creation. Man does not rank very high on either

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