The Goal
The original, normal and preferred state of man is
love, not hate; peace, not war; joy, not suffering;
oneness, not division; knowledge, not ignorance;
and God, not idolatry. I welcome as brothers,
sisters, mothers, fathers and lovers all who want
to come with me back to the original man state,
what is for us the normal and preferred man
state: the only One that can really Be.
The whole purpose (Priority Number One) is to
Manifest the All-Sacred in the Separated-Everyday
illusion, to make it Real (even with murdering,
sinning, scamming?)
What is the most important thing in life?

To get to know the God within. Once that's done,
all subsequent thoughts, words and deeds,
indeed being itself, will be WONDERFUL -- for
yourself, and for all other beings and non-being
constituents of Creation.

The cat was doing what a cat does. We should do
what a human being does -- seek and strive
toward Enlightenment every second.
If you don't know how to feel God pouring through
your being, then you don't know anything about
Nothing Matters Except This.
Whether any person (or even any animal, plant or
atom of matter) is aware of it or not, every thought
word, deed and action -- whether voluntary or
involuntary, conscious or unconscious, willed or
against the will -- is trying to get back to God.
How much more wonderful it is to Be aware of it
and go with it!
My a priori assumption is that the purpose of
existence is to know and become one with God.
Could there be a more final goal? A higher one?
One more exciting or compelling?
If God is love, righteousness, compassion and
justice, then to the extent your every thought,
word, action and movement -- your entire being--
is not these things, you are far, and yet farther
away, from God. And to the extent these four
attributes guide your thoughts, your words, your
every action and movement -- permeate your
very being -- you are close, and yet closer to
God. When you are love, righteousness,
compassion and justice, you are One with God.
For what else is it worth striving?
All each of them wants to do is melt into the
universe, but they donít know that.
My whole life is (just an attempt to complete) one
synapse connection in the mind of God (Big Mind).
The Means
Since you have to live each second, you might as
well use it to "move" "toward" enlightenment.
Re: my friend's talking about going from "career"
concerns to "family (cancer)" concerns as being
what's really important:

That's going from one concentric ring to another,
albeit closer, concentric ring.

Going on that path will leave us ever equidistant
from God.

Being on a closing in spiral is where you want to

This (the meditation) is the important thing, the
reason I'm alive today. All the rest is what allows
me to do the meditation
Be ever alert (for the coming of the Messiah, or
the Messianic age). Isn't that what all activity is
all about?
Just as what good is it if my pinky is strong and
feels great, but the rest of my body is near death,
what good is it if it stays where a few individuals
are enlightened, and the rest of the world
continues hating and slaughtering each other?
Do you measure a man's worth, do you determine
whether he's gainfully employed in the business
of life, solely by whether this society gives him
money for doing what he does? In a society that is
fundamentally corrupt, and that is foundationed
upon the exploitation, enslavement, torture,
mutilation and murder of billions of human beings
and tens hundreds of billions of other living
creatures (namely, non-human animals), do you
really want to be told "Hey, you're doing a great
job, here's your reward"? Or, would you rather be
told "Listen buddy, what you're doing we won't
pay you for, and in fact we want you to stop doing
it, and we're going to throw you in jail -- beat --
torture -- KILL you for it"? (cf. every prophet and
Jesus)  Aren't these the words you need to hear,
your reward, as it were?
Save All Sentient Beings!

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