If an intelligent being designed the universe, that
being was a sadist.
An irrefutable argument that God doesn't exist:
he hasn't destroyed mankind for sins far worse
than Sodom and Gomorrah. (Who would be able
to hold him to his "no destroy again" promise?
And that "promise" was probably a self-serving
myth, so people wouldn't be afraid of such

There's no god. There were only "revelations" and
"divine" interventions when there wasn't TV, etc.
to definitively record them. Now, were there to be
just one mountain levitation, all the earth would be
a paradise, as humanity, in awe, would obey god.
Why doesn't god do it?

There's no God -- only a Devil.
[written after reading an article about a kid who
was starved to death; he spent his last day on
earth tied to a chair while his mother beat him
with a broom.]

The Devil killed God, and the only thing left
between the Devil and world domination is us
weak little humans.
[written after hearing of the JFK, Jr. plane crash]

There is no God, only a devil, and we humans play
God to defeat the devil.
[written while reading about how one guy was
taking Ron Brown's plane crash death especially
hard, because the guy had previously worked for
plane crash victim Mickey Leland!]


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