Share resources fairly and take care of the
defenseless ones.
The greed instinct: are you, or are you not,
satisfied with (what you instinctively know to be)
your fair share of the earth's resources? That's
what you derive from an honest day's work -- 
building, creating, inventing, organizing -- creating
something which wasn't there before, and is not
derived from the profit off of the honest day's
work of other people.
The ethnic groups and people who just do a day's
work and get a day's pay, and don't try to own a
factory or a building, may very well act that way
not because they're lazy or less intelligent; rather,
I really believe, the wellspring of their attitude, for
the most part, is the basic spiritual realization that
there's something wrong with trying to amass for
yourself more than your fair share. This attitude is
unlike that of certain other groups and people,
who go at acquisition with a passion, and think
such behavior is wonderful and something to be
proud of.
If everyone on Earth had what they needed to be
quite comfortable in all ways, there would be
nothing extra. That's Tao. So any time each one of
us who has far more than he or she needs,
transfers that excess to one of us who has far
less than he or she needs, it's not "charity," but
justice and righteousness -- acknowledgement
of God's dominion -- because it's simply returning
to the oppressed what is rightfully theirs.
"God gave the earth to everyone equally and..."
Whatever you have in excess of your rightful
share of the Earth's bounty is stolen goods.
Return it to she whom it was stolen from!
How can you not see it's wrong to kill or torture
other living creatures because you want their
muscles to eat, skin to wear, eyes to pour acid in
in, or internal organs to poison!

How can you not see it's wrong to have so much
of what is NOT YOURS BUT GOD'S, when others
who have no less "right" to it than you have not



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