You don't see the air, do you?
So how do you know it exists?
You have a physical "eye," so to speak -- your
lungs -- which sense it, appreciate it, and cannot
function without it.

You don't see friendship, do you?
So how do you know it exists?
You have a mental "eye," so to speak -- your
mind -- which senses friendship, appreciates
it, and cannot function without it.

Just as with air and friendship, you can't see God.
So how do you know God exists?
You have, but may not be aware you have, a
spiritual "eye," which senses God, appreciates
God, and cannot function without God.

The role of all the great world religions -- Judaism,
Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam -- is to
awaken, through a myriad of disparate and often
seemingly contradictory theologies, rites and
injunctions, the spiritual eye of their followers.

There are many paths -- some short, some long,
some solitary, some communal, some physical,
some mental, some intellectual, some emotional,
some a mixture -- but they all lead, ultimately, to
the same God within and without, All One,
Everlasting -- the Great Love, Gentleness,
Happiness and Tranquility that is the birthright of,
that is, All of Us.

Re: all paths up the same mountain:

Let's examine the game of baseball. One team
has extraordinary pitching, but average hitting.
Their pitching is so strong, however, that they're
still often able to win with the few hits they get.
Another team has very strong hitting, but only a
moderate pitching staff. This team gives up a lot
of runs, but its powerful hitting allows them to
score even more runs -- so they still win a lot. 
Both teams are undeniably playing baseball.
Could you really say that one team is more
"baseball" than the other?

Similarly, different religions take different paths
up the mountain. They utilize different symbols,
stories, rituals and signposts. But all paths are,
ultimately, yearnings and aches -- to understand
man's place in the universe, and to experience
God. And just as combining the extraordinary
pitching aspect of one team with the strong hitting
aspect of the other team, produces a team more
powerful than either and makes winning that
much easier, combining the finer, more developed
aspects of the various religions can produce a
more rapid, powerful ascent to true spiritual
knowledge and experience.

Any act, thought, impulse or deed -- anything at
all -- that drives toward wholeness, lack of
boundaries, and no division, is good. Therefore
all true religions, which teach brotherhood, love
and charity, are good and to be encouraged, and
those who try to follow them to be applauded.
By whatever path an individual can attach his soul
to the Divine, that's the path that individual should
If a Jew, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or
member of any religion were to live her or his life
fully in accordance with their holy scriptures,
would -- aside from manner of ritual observance --
their thoughts, words and deeds be any different
as to any person, non-human animal, or thing?
I accept Moses,
I was Moses.
I accept Buddha.
I was Buddha.
I accept Jesus,
I was Jesus.

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