Gandhi, indeed Jesus, yea God herself were -- and
in the latter two cases still are -- all seeking to
impose "special conditions" (as per Wilber) on
individuals, groups of people and, in the cases of
Jesus and God, all humankind, in order to induce
a transformation ("rebirth") to a higher level of
You don't see the air, do you?
So how do you know it exists?
You have a physical "eye," so to speak -- your
lungs -- which sense it, appreciate it, and cannot
function without it.

You don't see friendship, do you?
So how do you know it exists?
You have a mental "eye," so to speak -- your
mind -- which senses friendship, appreciates
it, and cannot function without it.

Just as with air and friendship, you can't see God.
So how do you know God exists?
You have, but may not be aware you have, a
spiritual "eye," which senses God, appreciates
God, and cannot function without God.

The role of all the great world religions -- Judaism,
Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam -- is to
awaken, through a myriad of disparate and often
seemingly contradictory theologies, rites and
injunctions, the spiritual eye of their followers.

There are many paths -- some short, some long,
some solitary, some communal, some physical,
some mental, some intellectual, some emotional,
some a mixture -- but they all lead, ultimately, to
the same God within and without, All One,
Everlasting -- the Great Love, Gentleness,
Happiness and Tranquility that is the birthright of,
that is, All of Us.

If a religious awakening doesn't eventually
become painful and force a drastic change in the
way you life your life, then either:
a) you were already living the life of a saint in a
saintly society;
b) you've got an ersatz religion; or
c) you're being taught a real religion in a
dishonest way.

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