The way to Unity Consciousness passes through
a very finely meshed net. Once your ego is so
"pulverized" that it can pass in and out at will, you
obviously want to take others with you back into
Unity Consciousness. But some people are akin
to huge mountains. It takes a forceful blow,
sometimes, to crack that mountain into boulders.
Then it takes less powerful, but still strong blows
to reduce those boulders to stones. Then as we
increasingly pulverize the ego, it takes more and
more subtle blows, or means, to reach that state
where they, too, can go into Unity Consciousness.
Each person does whatever's appropriate for
themselves for their stage of growth; and just as
if two steaks were cooking and one was closer to
being ready than the other, I wouldn't think that
the more ready one is better than the more
uncooked one, neither do I make judgments about
whether I am better than someone else because
they're on a path I've already walked.

Perhaps more analogously, is a four year old
better than a two year old, a twelve year old than
an eight year old?

It's all about appropriate and timely growth. We're
all in this together as One.

Instead of cooking steaks, use as examples young
and old trees.
[from reading Jose Silva's Dynamics, pp. 102-3]
Growing up spiritually: It's not a question of good
or bad. It's a question of mature or immature.
Be patient. A father doesn't ask his son to go
fishing when an infant, nor to become a partner in
his business when eleven years old. (I'm just
If someone is a six ounce cup, trying to pour in a
gallon is stupid and will, perhaps, be worse than
not doing anything at all -- and is certainly worse
than putting in too little, say five or three or even
one-half ounce.
Thinking about giving people I know the book
Diet for a New America, and about how maybe I
shouldn't, as per the putting-a-gallon-in-a-six-
ounce-cup writing... NO, give it to them: there's
torture going on and we have to stop it! (Don't
assume, or at least get concrete evidence that,
the person is six ounces.)
Just like it's not weightlifters, already big and
bulky, for whom working out is really most 
important, but for skinny malinks like me, so it's
important -- regarding attending religious
services -- that certain people (even if they do
so in an Orthodox ritualistic practice setting) at
be starting on the path (if that's what they're
Perhaps non-social justice Zen (and even
Orthodox Judaism) is a step forward for those
practitioners, not something holding them back
(and as far as they can get in this lifetime?).
Maybe some people are supposed to lead an
unexamined life (no meditation, no NLP-type
introspection, etc); it's where they're at now. Or
maybe this life of theirs is a break from a prior
very examined life (or lives).
Maybe it's not his job (in a "soul gymnasium"
sense) for Da Free John to intermingle with the
rest of the populace; likewise with others and
what they're doing, it's not their job.
Perhaps all these non-political but nice spiritual
places (e.g., the Zen Center of Los Angeles) are
training people to be able to be political later on
(maybe in another life). In other words, some
activists I know, who don't now seem to have a
spiritual practice, already did their heavy Zen
phase? As opposed to me, doing it and political
activism at the same time?
Maybe I'm behind all these people who don't
meditate and aren't sensitive to the chemical
smells; whatever, I'm happy with, and want to be,
where I am now.

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