Why It Happens
To have a society where some -- usually a few --
are very wealthy and others -- usually the
majority -- are not, but where the majority do have
the necessities of life, is perhaps okay; but to
have a society where some -- usually a few -- are
very wealthy and others -- the majority -- are
starving, or lacking other survival necessities
(e.g., housing) is not acceptable. When the fat
spend more trying to lose weight than the hungry
have to spend on food, the hungry and others
similarly deprived can not be expected to adhere
to that society's rules, especially concerning the
sanctity of private property.
Letting the slaves vote for who will be their
overseer, with the choices being:

A) Mr. Cruel&Deadly
B) Ms. Crueler&Deadlier
C) Mr. Cruelest&Deadliest

is hardly democracy, let alone liberation.

They tell me what I'm saying is too black and

It's no less black and white because of any
reasons they have ever given.

It's still black and white:

There's an oppressor and one who is oppressed,
a master and a slave, a Pharaoh and a Moses,
a Herod and a Jesus, a U.S. and a Nicaragua...

What Form It Takes
Capitalism can, in a country that is rich (either
naturally or through plunder), provide a "safety
net" of sorts for 20-30% of its population; but in a
country that is poor (either naturally or through
past oppression and exploitation), 70-80% of the
population needs a safety net, and the safety net
becomes the system -- in other words, socialism
or communism. In such a situation, there's no
place for a capitalistic, free-for-all, get-as-rich-as-
you-can-as-fast-as-you-can system or individual.
Communism is an ideology which promises
something to those who have nothing.

Capitalism is an ideology which guarantees to
those who have nothing, that they'll soon have
even less.

If you had nothing, which ideology would you be
attracted to?

What's rhetoric to the rich man is Gospel to the
How It Is Accomplished
The Bible says the Children of Israel didn't believe
in God until the Egyptian soldiers were killed at
the Red Sea, in other words, until the Israelites
saw that their political liberation and freedom was
God didn't give Pharaoh foreign aid in order to
ease the suffering of the enslaved Hebrews.
Rather, God effected, through divine intervention,
a bloody, total revolution, which completely freed
the slaves politically and took them out of their
captive country; at the same time, God physically
destroyed Pharaoh and his army, as well as a
significant portion of his population (i.e., all the
first born). So Exodus isn't about liberalism,
foreign aid and supporting the "development of
democracy;" it's about total, bloody revolution.
Biblical justice isn't liberalism, and doesn't end at
liberal "solutions."
The rich man's terrorist is the poor man's freedom

The rich man's freedom fighter is to the poor man
a terrorist.

Jesus said turn the other cheek, not let them kill
you, let alone take the food out of the mouths of
your wife and children.
Qualities Afterwards
The ones who want political freedom are not the
ones who are fleeing; they stay and try to reform
the country. The ones fleeing are the materialistic
ones, allured by the doodads and widgets of
Western consumer society.
U.S. = a veneer of democracy:

                           A severely curtailed, brainwash-
                           derived framework of what can
                           can't be considered

                           A massive national, state and city
 reality               electoral apparatus, with the
 of an                 electoral units too big for
 oligarchy          democracy, too big for people
 at best              to meaningfully influence how
                           the government affects their
                           day-to-day lives
                           So, especially on national issues,
                           the voters' interests, and even their
                           expressed wishes, are ignored.

 Sandinista Nicaragua = a veneer of totalitarianism:
                           A national, explicitly-stated framework
                           of what can and can't be considered: 
                           no Somocismo, and no unbridled,
                           benefit-of-the-few capitalism
                           On the local level, true democracy
                           with people having much say -- for
                           example, on matters like agricultural
                           and health -- perhaps because of
                           the small scale.
To the denouncers of left wing anti-Semitism:
Let's admit it, both the Left and the Right
persecute Jews. The difference is, the Left takes
their property, while the Right kills them, or
harbors their killers (e.g., in South America).
Different peoples coming into and out of
ascendance is like generations of a family (the
family of man): e.g., Britain = the parents; the
U.S. = the child; and the Third World = the

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