To the extent beings have equal capabilities and
potentials, they possess equal rights to exercise
such capabilities and achieve such potentials
without interference from other beings (unless
such interference is biologically hard-wired and
thus not possible to change, e.g., the killing of
other animals for food by carnivores).
The love and relationship between an adult human
and child is no ontologically better (no more real)
than that between an adult non-human animal and
its child.
When you say animal "rights," a first inclination
among some people, especially when coming
after a discussion of human rights, would be to
snicker, since in a certain way of looking at it,
animals don't need the human rights of voting,
freedom of speech and the press, etc.

A better formulation would be that even though
we're stronger than them and can get away with
it, we think animals have the right not to be
brutally enslaved, tortured, mutilated and
slaughtered by us because we want something
of theirs (that we don't really need), e.g., skin for
clothing, muscles for food, bodies and nerve
endings for hideous medical experiments -- just
even though some of we humans are stronger
than others and can get away with it, the weaker
ones have the right not to be brutally enslaved,
tortured, mutilated and slaughtered by us
because we want something of theirs (that we
don't really need), e.g., land, gold, cheap labor.

How can you not see it's wrong to kill or torture
other living creatures because you want their
muscles to eat, skin to wear, eyes to pour acid in
in, or internal organs to poison!

How can you not see it's wrong to have so much
of what is NOT YOURS BUT GOD'S, when others
who have no less "right" to it than you have not


In other words, according to the "treat them
humanely" line of reasoning, this living being has
the right to live without being tortured, but it
doesn't have the right to live!
One animal being killed is no better than 6 billion.
Vegetarianism isn't an option of fashion, it's a
moral imperative for anyone with a minimal level
of spiritual understanding.
The less suffering you cause other living
creatures, the happier you'll be both now and in
the future. And so will they. If acting in this
manner makes all living creatures on Earth
happier, what more need you know?
How would you like it if a giant creature slit your
throat, or broke your neck, or chopped off your
head, and then disemboweled you, cleaned you
out, and cooked and ate your flesh? Well, "Do
unto others..." is not limited to humans.
Who says the Golden Rule applies only to
Creature of God

Human Being                   the lower can't be allowed
                                           to conflict with the higher
Jew or Christian or
Muslim or member of 
any other religion
Blood runs thicker than water, and Spirit
swallows up the blood.

There shall be no slavery, of humans or animals.

All sentient beings shall be allowed to live out
their lives to their full measure and in their natural
condition. Specifically, animals may not be
hindered in these areas by their enslavement to
any system which extracts or otherwise obtains
anything from their bodies in any manner.

Thou shalt not steal, whether directly from any
individual person in person, or through any
economic, societal or other greater-than-one-
person organization or arrangement. Specifically, 
you shall trace your actions to their fullest
consequences, and end all neocolonial control
of other people's lives.

Thou shalt not remain silent in the face of another
sentient being's suffering, but you shall speak out
and take all other actions necessary to end that
sentient being's suffering in a manner consistent
with that sentient being's well-being. This applies
as well to groups of sentient beings of whose
suffering you are made aware.


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