As Derived from General Principles
Share resources fairly and take care of the
defenseless ones.
All beings try to be happy.
The less suffering you cause other living
creatures, the happier you'll be both now and in
the future. And so will they. If acting in this
manner makes all living creatures on Earth
happier, what more need you know?
The reason you should be amazed by, and love,
every other person (and living creature?) is
because they have that same Atman within them
that you do.
We're each alive as a human being to the extent
we have love for animals and non-related humans,
another name for love being compassion, an
attribute not common in the animal kingdom
(perhaps not being necessary because animals
generally don't oppress, torture, starve, kill and
cause myriad other forms of suffering to
non-related sentient beings, except when
biologically impelled to do so for food) -- love and
compassion being, actually, the manifestation of
God in the physical/emotional world.
May All be free from Enslavement.
When not just men, but all living creatures can
meditate, that will be the final Shalom Amen.
The heavy feeling. Save All Sentient Beings!
The "respect/no judgment" step is applicable not
only to people, but to animals and entities (e.g.,
Apply SRD to all inanimate (also non-human
animate) objects.
Don't try to kill, murder, harm, torture, or mutilate
any person, place or thing.
It's wrong to harm another atom of the universe
when you don't have to.
It's wrong not to help another atom of the
universe when you can.
War, prejudice and oppression will vanish to the
same extent people become vegetarian: not from
cause-effect, but because they're parts of the
same process of spiritual evolution.
All every single person on the planet would have
to do is act nicely toward the people and other
sentient beings and objects around him, and we
would have Heaven on Earth.
Ramifications For...
...Clearly Understanding Reality
The three pillars upon which our civilization rests
are the enslavement, torture, mutilation and killing
of: (1) non-human animals, (2) humans, and (3) the
non-sentient universe (i.e., Mother Earth).
[Envision a drawing with squashed and otherwise
destroyed people, animals, trees, oceans, the
planet itself!]
It's not three pillars, it's four:
the oppression, etc. of self
                                      * other humans
                                        non-human animals
                                        the environment.
John Robbins covers 75%, ignoring *.
What else is there to discuss but this: your and
my complicity in the establishment, maintenance
and perpetuation of a worldwide system built on
the enslavement, torture and murder of hundreds
of millions of people, and the enslavement, 
torture, mutilation and murder of hundreds of
billions of other living creatures, namely
non-human animals?
...Activist Work
Understand this: as much as the food system in
in the U.S. has engrained within it exploitation,
torture and slaughter, so does the socio-
economic-political system you're trying to change.
Just as there are myths that sustain the
meat-eaters in their dirty, rotten, immoral
practices, and we must explode those myths so
they can clearly see what they are doing, there
are myths that sustain the war makers -- and 
their passive accomplices in the population -- in
their dirty, rotten, immoral practices, and we
must explode those myths so that (at least) the
passive acquiescing population (especially the
vegetarians and vegans) can see what they
are doing.
Just as a vegan advocacy group practices
Ahimsa on the dietary/product use plane, my
politics is Ahimsa on the political/socio-
economic plane.
...Evaluating Personal Worth
It's not the aggressive, forceful person who is
truly courageous and strong -- that person's
aggression and forcefulness stems from an inner
lack of self-confidence and a resulting need to
"prove" oneself. Rather, it's the gentle, peaceful
soul who is truly courageous and strong -- this
person has the kind of inner strength and
knowledge of Self-Worth that produce no need to
lord it over others, be they animal or human.
I measure a person's worth by how little suffering
that person causes.
Do you measure a man's worth, do you determine
whether he's gainfully employed in the business
of life, solely by whether this society gives him
money for doing what he does? In a society that is
fundamentally corrupt, and that is foundationed
upon the exploitation, enslavement, torture,
mutilation and murder of billions of human beings
and tens hundreds of billions of other living
creatures (namely, non-human animals), do you
really want to be told "Hey, you're doing a great
job, here's your reward"? Or, would you rather be
told "Listen buddy, what you're doing we won't
pay you for, and in fact we want you to stop doing
it, and we're going to throw you in jail -- beat --
torture -- KILL you for it"? (cf. every prophet and
Jesus)  Aren't these the words you need to hear,
your reward, as it were?
...Evaluating Religion
Does the service fill you with pride in and love of
your fellow Jews -- or with love of, compassion
toward, and solidarity with all human beings, all
God's creatures?

To the extent it's the former, the religious practice
is at best incomplete. To extent it's the latter, the
religious practice creates real God knowledge.

Anything, especially a religious practice, that
leads you away from, or takes time from, Tikkun
(healing the world) or from solidarity (stopping
torture, rape, mutilation, murder, oppressive
imposition of suffering, unjust and premature
death) -- anything that does so, is of the Devil, not
of God.
If a Jew, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or
member of any religion were to live her or his life
fully in accordance with their holy scriptures,
would -- aside from manner of ritual observance --
their thoughts, words and deeds be any different
as to any person, non-human animal, or thing?
...Deciding How to Be
I can only live with people whom the light of God
is shining through. This means in the physical
realm that they are sharing with others, don't
hoard and hog more than their God-derived
rightful share (what other source of right is
there?) of his Earth's resources, and don't kill
animals to eat them or otherwise utilize their slain
bodies; on the intellectual level, that they
understand the cause of suffering in this world;
on the emotional plane, that they feel the suffering
of other sentient beings; and on the spiritual
plane, because of their physical, intellectual and
emotional understanding, that they spend as
much of their time as is humanly possible fighting
to end the suffering of all sentient and
non-sentient beings, thereby easing God's
suffering, and becoming God.
Cheer up! Be ecstatic! Eventually all killing of
people and animals will end. All will have enough
to eat, and war will end. Earth will be the Heavenly
Paradise it was intended to be all along, and still
can be. Each second is one second closer to that
time. Isn't that wonderful! Try your utmost,
because your actions may even hasten that time!
But be certain that without your actions right now,
that time may not come.
All charity (even solidarity) to humans is tribal
self-protection, and all charity/solidarity to people,
animals, the environment -- to anything at all -- is

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