In regard to the average person, what makes them
better (more advanced) than an animal (vis vis
their aspirations, and their treatment of other
humans, animals and plants) -- and what makes
them worse?
Humans systematize and mass produce killing,
murder, slaughter and hatred.
We're each alive as a human being to the extent
we have love for animals and non-related humans,
another name for love being compassion, an
attribute not common in the animal kingdom
(perhaps not being necessary because animals
generally don't oppress, torture, starve, kill and
cause myriad other forms of suffering to
non-related sentient beings, except when
biologically impelled to do so for food) -- love and
compassion being, actually, the manifestation of
God in the physical/emotional world.
Animals are closest to God, and people furthest
away. Animals can't be selfish, kill for hatred, etc.
Neither can God. Neither has free will to do evil.
Only imperfect man does. Why does this make
man superior? If he finally chose to act perfectly
morally, "like God," he'd still be acting only as
well as the animals. No better. Is he better
because he chose to so act? It's true he overcame
an imperfection. But let's not brag about it. We
don't share that imperfection with God.
The entire human race can be looked at as an
idiot savant -- super-advanced technology vs.
barely-developed morality, even vis vis the
so-called "lowest" animal.
Humanity is the spawn of the Devil.
Animals are the children of God.
Would the universe rejoice if all human beings

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