The only purpose of inflation is to take more
money from the poor and give it to the rich,
because prices and profit margins will always go
up more than wages.
Capitalism has to have inflation: 

To keep up the selling and buying, you must have,
and therefore must create, demand. Demand must
be in excess of supply -- so you can sell more.
The excess demand is created through
advertising. The excess demand also causes
prices to rise. Capitalists stay ahead of people on
prices, because wages always rise behind the
inflation rate.

The comment of a Third World base Christian
community organizer
-- "War is when we stop
buying what they want to sell us" -- is so, so

The Need to Create "Demand"
The purpose of human existence seems to be to
sell things, things no one really needs at that.
Producing necessities (food, clothing, shelter,
utilities) currently fills x millions of jobs: no one
else needs to work.
Capitalism is a system that gives less of a reward
to the production of one unit of a quality product
that people really need and will last a long time,
than to the production of twenty units of a shoddy
product that (a) no one needs but which, through
advertising, people are made to think they need,
and (b) will quickly either go out of "fashion" or
wear out, and then need to be replaced with
another similarly useless, soon-itself-needing-to-
be-replaced product.
Distortions Produced
The opposite of capitalist efficiency isn't socialist
inefficiency. Efficiency per se isn't bad. If there's
a burning house with many children inside, you
want the most efficient way to get as many of
them out as possible. The most efficient way is
the way both the socialist and the (hopefully
caring enough!) capitalist would choose. The crux
is to what purpose the efficiency is put: to derive
maximum profit, vs. to derive maximum benefit to
the most human beings.
The atomization of work: before, everyone did a
full job; now, most do a part of a job that by itself
is meaningless.
Advertising (is anti-spiritual because it) tries to
make you believe you're not whole and need this
or that product to be okay. Many people can't
afford to buy these products and, feeling like a
failure as a result, they turn to drugs to numb
their artificially induced pain.
Prostitution is the ultimate degradation of
If They Can't Sell You It...
The only reasons they forbid sex are because they
haven't found a way to charge your for it, and, the
church needs something they can make you
scared of going to Hell for, so you need them to
intercede for you.
It's child abuse to bring a baby into this world,
especially into societies like ours, which do
everything possible to prevent self-realization,
because they can't sell you it.

It's a criminal act to bring a baby into this world in
the U.S., because what the world needs least is
another spoiled, earth-devouring, poor-killing

Capitalism can, in a country that is rich (either
naturally or through plunder), provide a "safety
net" of sorts for 20-30% of its population; but in a
country that is poor (either naturally or through
past oppression and exploitation), 70-80% of the
population needs a safety net, and the safety net
becomes the system -- in other words, socialism
or communism. In such a situation, there's no
place for a capitalistic, free-for-all, get-as-rich-as-
you-can-as-fast-as-you-can system or individual.
Capitalism wants you to be unhappy, or else you
wonít buy stuff, and won't kill, rape and go to war;
hence, also, civilizationís trying to limit peopleís
sexual pleasure, which is free and could make
people very happy indeed.
What kind of a society is it which, instead of
constantly giving positive input to its members
(e.g., you're beautiful, wonderful, smart and
intelligent; you have a wonderful job; your life is
worthwhile; you have what you need), continually
injects into them, almost forcibly, the most
horrific negative messages (e.g., you're not smart,
these other people are; you're not beautiful, so
buy this to make up for it; you smell, so buy this to
stop smelling; you should envy, and do envy, all
the riches of others that we're showing you; you
should be afraid of, and are afraid of, these other
people and countries, and want to kill them to
protect yourself) -- not to mention bombarding
their physiological being with chemical poisons
and other negative inputs (e.g., noise, ugly
Communism is an ideology which promises
something to those who have nothing.

Capitalism is an ideology which guarantees to
those who have nothing, that they'll soon have
even less. 

If you had nothing, which ideology would you be
attracted to?

Money relationships are the opposite of
community, because there's no caring, fun, or
respect for the uniqueness of individuals -- only
how can this profit me.
We celebrate Christmas by the most anti-Christ
message possible: the kingdom of heaven isn't
within you; you're not whole and complete; but
rather, what will get you the kingdom and make
you whole and complete, is out there, for
                      Private Property and Profit

If we can't share mere things, how can we share

If I must have something and you not, how can
either of us have the knowledge of the One?
Profit creates something just so it can be taken
from another. It's just one more thing to come
between each of us and God. If we must divide up
and falsify the material world, what violence does
that do to the world above and within?
If we so kill
God, do we not kill what is, in essence, our
Selves? If we cannot share here on Earth, can we
ever know Heaven?

In a capitalistic society, the more poor and
downtrodden a person is, the closer that person
is to God, to the way God would act if God were a
person (in other words, Jesus Christ!)
The unfettered "market" is the unfettered Devil,
taking from the poor, causing pain and death, and
enriching those least deserving.
Capitalism is the economic philosophy of the
Anti-Christ, Satan.
Very interesting: Marxism, per Paul Baran,
replaces capitalism's irrationality, based on the
greed and avarice of the few (Wilbur's level 2-3),
with the rule of reason (Wilber's level 4); thus
Marxism seems to be that very level 4 (and level 5
of total cooperation and the start of the
dissolution of ego) which Wilber postulates
mankind must reach in order to avoid 

Man can own: a country (monarchy)
                          people (slavery)                     [compare to 
                          big business (capitalism)       Wilber's levels
                          only his own labor                   of conscious-
                              (socialism/communism)     ness chart]  
                          Self (Buddhism)

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