How It Functions
Slavery is worse now because the slave got
adequate room and board, while the new wage
slaves can't support a family on what they earn.
(It's true that the children of slaves had to work,
but that's also true of the Third World today.)
Regarding apartheid insofar as it relates to
systemic economic subjugation and
impoverishment: the worldwide economic system
is apartheid -- and we’re the white South Africans.
The words of a U.S. activist describing her
feelings about her literal South African relatives
can be applied to us also: she said she wouldn't
be sorry if they woke up with their heads in their
We don't support freedom for anyone, anywhere
unless it suits our economic purpose of stealing
their wealth -- and for the same purpose we'll
support the most heinous, murderous tyrants.
Letting the slaves vote for who will be their
overseer, with the choices being:

A) Mr. Cruel&Deadly
B) Ms. Crueler&Deadlier
C) Mr. Cruelest&Deadliest

is hardly democracy, let alone liberation.

The USA for Africa "Live Aid" effort is a good first 
step for compassion arousal, but consider this:

A guy has his forearm chopped off. 
  (His land is stolen and his nation's agricultural
   system is destroyed.)

To prevent him from bleeding to  death you supply
a tourniquet.
  (Emergency food aid is sent.)

After the bleeding is stopped, you give him an
artificial limb.
  (The nation gets "long term development aid.")

But you are either blind to, or willfully ignore the
fact, that there's a man who at the very same time
is preparing to (or is continuing to) hack the
victim to death with a chainsaw.
  (The continued role of agribusiness and its allies
    in stealing land, etc. is not dealt with.)

And now
the man has no legs.
Capitalism has to have inflation: 

To keep up the selling and buying, you must have,
and therefore must create, demand. Demand must
be in excess of supply -- so you can sell more.
The excess demand is created through
advertising. The excess demand also causes
prices to rise. Capitalists stay ahead of people on
prices, because wages always rise behind the
inflation rate.

The comment of a Third World base Christian
community organizer
-- "War is when we stop
buying what they want to sell us" -- is so, so

When you say animal "rights," a first inclination
among some people, especially when coming
after a discussion of human rights, would be to
snicker, since in a certain way of looking at it,
animals don't need the human rights of voting,
freedom of speech and the press, etc.

A better formulation would be that even though
we're stronger than them and can get away with
it, we think animals have the right not to be
brutally enslaved, tortured, mutilated and
slaughtered by us because we want something
of theirs (that we don't really need), e.g., skin for
clothing, muscles for food, bodies and nerve
endings for hideous medical experiments -- just
even though some of we humans are stronger
than others and can get away with it, the weaker
ones have the right not to be brutally enslaved,
tortured, mutilated and slaughtered by us
because we want something of theirs (that we
don't really need), e.g., land, gold, cheap labor.

CNN -- the greatest propaganda machine the
world has ever known -- makes Goebbels look
like a piker.
It makes as much sense to sublimate sex as to
sublimate your need to breathe or eat: in either
case, doing something different won't satisfy the
original need. Sex sublimation -- in the guise of
"abstinence" -- is, I fear, a method of birth control
often preached to the very poor by their
oppressors, so the poor won't multiply too quickly
and threaten to take over.
People are crazy -- e.g., murderers who hack off
the limbs of their victims. So obviously,
structures and conglomerations of people will
also be evil, e.g., the African rebel army which
amputates villagers' limbs. But even if without
structures and conglomerations there would be
terrible acts committed by individuals, would
there be fewer such terrible acts overall,
because the process would be less systemic?
Different peoples coming into and out of
ascendance is like generations of a family (the
family of man): e.g., Britain = the parents; the
U.S. = the child; and the Third World = the
Compared to True (Biblical-level) Justice
"God gave the earth to everyone equally and..."
Whatever you have in excess of your rightful
share of the Earth's bounty is stolen goods.
Return it to she whom it was stolen from!
If everyone on Earth had what they needed to be
quite comfortable in all ways, there would be
nothing extra. That's Tao. So any time each one of
us who has far more than he or she needs,
transfers that excess to one of us who has far
less than he or she needs, it's not "charity," but
justice and righteousness -- acknowledgement
of God's dominion -- because it's simply returning
to the oppressed what is rightfully theirs.
They tell me what I'm saying is too black and

It's no less black and white because of any
reasons they have ever given.

It's still black and white:

There's an oppressor and one who is oppressed,
a master and a slave, a Pharaoh and a Moses,
a Herod and a Jesus, a U.S. and a Nicaragua...

We should be paying reparations to a lot of
We should be paying reparations to the
We should be paying reparations to the
We should be paying reparations to the
Salvadorans, Filipinos, South Africans and
We should be paying reparations to the Blacks
and the native Americans.
All these people and infinitely more should be
getting reparations. Why is it that only the Jews
wind up getting reparations?
Systemic economic injustice is theft, plain and

Politics is the art of fucking the public up the ass
with a hot poker and making them think you're
helping them -- actually having them beg for more!

Millennia-old, systemic patriarchal oppression is
ongoing mass rape.
If God is truly our Father, how does he feel? Could
he truly want his children to be killing each other?
For some of his children to grow fat while denying
food to their starving brothers and sisters? How
can we be so blind? Can we really say that we
believe in the Bible or in any of the world's holy
scriptures, and continue to live the way we do? Is
it that there really is no God? Or is it that there are
no real humans, just mechanically intelligent
bipeds, who act in ways befitting creatures with
less spiritual development than animals?
There shall be no slavery, of humans or animals.

All sentient beings shall be allowed to live out
their lives to their full measure and in their natural
condition. Specifically, animals may not be
hindered in these areas by their enslavement to
any system which extracts or otherwise obtains
anything from their bodies in any manner.

Thou shalt not steal, whether directly from any
individual person in person, or through any
economic, societal or other greater-than-one-
person organization or arrangement. Specifically, 
you shall trace your actions to their fullest
consequences, and end all neocolonial control
of other people's lives.

Thou shalt not remain silent in the face of another
sentient being's suffering, but you shall speak out
and take all other actions necessary to end that
sentient being's suffering in a manner consistent
with that sentient being's well-being. This applies
as well to groups of sentient beings of whose
suffering you are made aware.

Who's Responsible
If you're leading the same kind of life -- in job,
food, recreation and other money expenditures --
that a rabid right-wing Reaganite could be leading,
then it's intellectually dishonest if you don't 
consider your "beliefs" to be of one.
"There are two sides to every issue."

"There's no black and white, only shades of gray."

The only people who talk like this are:

--The rich, who are well-insulated enough by
money, power and geographical distance so as to
(feel themselves to) be insulated from the effects
of the struggle.

--Reporters, who are professionally trained to
think of the world as an inverted pyramid, where
first one side, then another side is briefly
presented; then more details and background
facts, all supposedly objective and neutral, are
added; while the entire time (often unknown to
the reporter) a whole understructure of
assumptions, most of them racist, fascist,
capitalistic and uncaring (aren't all these words
varied ways of describing Satan's manifestation
on earth?) actually put the story firmly in one
camp or the other.

Does any religion teach shades of gray?!! Does
any religion say:

"Thou shall not kill -- except when others can do
it for you at a distance, enough layers removed so
that you can declaim responsibility and say (in
the supposedly most democratic country!)
`There's nothing I (we) can do about it.´"

"Thou shalt not steal -- except when the society
can do it for you in ways so cleverly crafted and
(e.g., the global food system, foreign
that you think you're aiding, actually adding to
the material wherewithal of, the victims."

But above all (or more accurately, below all, as in
our boot heels), are there shades of gray to the
victims? Are there shades of gray to them?
You're either hungry or fed. And who chooses
to starve? You're free or oppressed. And who
chooses slavery? You're dead or alive. And who
chooses death? We only choose starvation,
slavery and death for others.

The British: beneath their supercilious
formalities and prissy mannerisms slithers a
people who have spread more deprivation and
damnation over the face of the earth than any
We're the world's biggest torturers -- what do you
call starving to death tens of thousands of people
a day
If terrorism is the murder of innocent civilians for
political purposes, then the U.S. is certainly one of
the greatest terrorist nations the world has ever
known: e.g., our support of the governments of
El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala, the Philippines,
South Korea and South Africa; our creation of the
contras in Nicaragua; and our food stealing-based
If my finger pulls the trigger of a gun and the gun
discharges and kills someone, if I said "I didn't do
it, I'm not responsible, my finger did it," that would
be just as ridiculous and unsupportable as those
who say "I'm not killing people all over the world,
my government is."
What else is there to discuss but this: your and
my complicity in the establishment, maintenance
and perpetuation of a worldwide system built on
the enslavement, torture and murder of hundreds
of millions of people, and the enslavement, 
torture, mutilation and murder of hundreds of
billions of other living creatures, namely
non-human animals?
Do you measure a man's worth, do you determine
whether he's gainfully employed in the business
of life, solely by whether this society gives him
money for doing what he does? In a society that is
fundamentally corrupt, and that is foundationed
upon the exploitation, enslavement, torture,
mutilation and murder of billions of human beings
and tens hundreds of billions of other living
creatures (namely, non-human animals), do you
really want to be told "Hey, you're doing a great
job, here's your reward"? Or, would you rather be
told "Listen buddy, what you're doing we won't
pay you for, and in fact we want you to stop doing
it, and we're going to throw you in jail -- beat --
torture -- KILL you for it"? (cf. every prophet and
Jesus)  Aren't these the words you need to hear,
your reward, as it were?
"crippled heal"     = do something, e.g., call up a
                                   Senator to stop contra aid
"lame out of bed" = the poor get out of their bed
                                   of self-pity, self-hatred and
                                = the complacent get out of
                                   their bed of selfishness, fear
                                   and un-One-ness
 "blind see"           = the rich see what they're 
                                   doing to themselves, the poor
                                   and the planet
It's child abuse to bring a baby into this world,
especially into societies like ours, which do
everything possible to prevent self-realization,
because they can't sell you it.

It's a criminal act to bring a baby into this world in
the U.S., because what the world needs least is
another spoiled, earth-devouring, poor-killing


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