Economic Factors

Why do we pay the teachers of our children
hundreds of times less than those who give our
children cartoons to watch on Saturday morning?

Our society says, "You’re an adult male, but if you
work a full week, we’re not going to give you
enough money to live on."
Slavery is worse now because the slave got
adequate room and board, while the new wage
slaves can't support a family on what they earn.
(It's true that the children of slaves had to work,
but that's also true of the Third World today.)
If you work a full time job, you should be able to
raise a family on it. If the social contract doesn't
provide for that, then that contract is null and
void, its provisions don't apply, and it must be
The atomization of work: before, everyone did a
full job; now, most do a part of a job that by itself
is meaningless.
Ninety percent of people are now in (and at least
subconsciously know they're in) wasted jobs,
jobs that are not necessary -- as opposed to
before, when all jobs were necessary to provide
the wherewithal for people to survive.
The only purpose of inflation is to take more
money from the poor and give it to the rich,
because prices and profit margins will always go
up more than wages.
Systemic economic injustice is theft, plain and

Politics is the art of fucking the public up the ass
with a hot poker and making them think you're
helping them -- actually having them beg for more!

Millennia-old, systemic patriarchal oppression is
ongoing mass rape.
The purpose of human existence seems to be to
sell things, things no one really needs at that.
Producing necessities (food, clothing, shelter,
utilities) currently fills x millions of jobs: no one
else needs to work.
We celebrate Christmas by the most anti-Christ
message possible: the kingdom of heaven isn't
within you; you're not whole and complete; but
rather, what will get you the kingdom and make
you whole and complete, is out there, for
The unfettered "market" is the unfettered Devil,
taking from the poor, causing pain and death, and
enriching those least deserving.
Society's Goal
The society should be geared toward allowing
each person's innate goodness/Godhead to
emerge in full bloom -- to literally be that person.
Instead, society is geared towards the opposite,
to crush and kill it.
It's child abuse to bring a baby into this world,
especially into societies like ours, which do
everything possible to prevent self-realization,
because they can't sell you it.

It's a criminal act to bring a baby into this world in
the U.S., because what the world needs least is
another spoiled, earth-devouring, poor-killing

Society's job is to take an innocent child and mold
it into a hateful, uncaring hunk of shit.
Relation to the Third World
"God gave the earth to everyone equally and..."
Whatever you have in excess of your rightful
share of the Earth's bounty is stolen goods.
Return it to she whom it was stolen from!
Letting the slaves vote for who will be their
overseer, with the choices being:

A) Mr. Cruel&Deadly
B) Ms. Crueler&Deadlier
C) Mr. Cruelest&Deadliest

is hardly democracy, let alone liberation.

Regarding apartheid insofar as it relates to
systemic economic subjugation and
impoverishment: the worldwide economic system
is apartheid -- and we’re the white South Africans.
The words of a U.S. activist describing her
feelings about her literal South African relatives
can be applied to us also: she said she wouldn't
be sorry if they woke up with their heads in their

Israel will be at peace with its Arab neighbors
about the same time we (the U.S.) stop exploiting,
torturing and mass-murdering in a genocidal
fashion the Third World.

We should be paying reparations to a lot of
We should be paying reparations to the
We should be paying reparations to the
We should be paying reparations to the
Salvadorans, Filipinos, South Africans and
We should be paying reparations to the Blacks
and the native Americans.
All these people and infinitely more should be
getting reparations. Why is it that only the Jews
wind up getting reparations?
Regarding the resignation of the Speaker of the
U.S. House of Representatives: one rich old white
man being replaced by another rich old white man
isn't going to change how and to what degree
these rich old white men kill the (Third World)
If terrorism is the murder of innocent civilians for
political purposes, then the U.S. is certainly one of
the greatest terrorist nations the world has ever
known: e.g., our support of the governments of
El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala, the Philippines,
South Korea and South Africa; our creation of the
contras in Nicaragua; and our food stealing-based
We don't support freedom for anyone, anywhere
unless it suits our economic purpose of stealing
their wealth -- and for the same purpose we'll
support the most heinous, murderous tyrants.

Our "history" is just rich white men justifying
their predecessor's genocide over the centuries.

We're the world's biggest torturers -- what do you
call starving to death tens of thousands of people
a day
Multiple Levels of Oppression
The three pillars upon which our civilization rests
are the enslavement, torture, mutilation and killing
of: (1) non-human animals, (2) humans, and (3) the
non-sentient universe (i.e., Mother Earth).
[Envision a drawing with squashed and otherwise
destroyed people, animals, trees, oceans, the
planet itself!]
What else is there to discuss but this: your and
my complicity in the establishment, maintenance
and perpetuation of a worldwide system built on
the enslavement, torture and murder of hundreds
of millions of people, and the enslavement, 
torture, mutilation and murder of hundreds of
billions of other living creatures, namely
non-human animals?
Understand this: as much as the food system in
in the U.S. has engrained within it exploitation,
torture and slaughter, so does the socio-
economic-political system you're trying to change.
It Should Be Condemned
The Ten Commandments also apply to the U.S.
N.B.: It's nations, perhaps not (just) individuals,
that are judged in Matthew 25:32-46.

The prophets took the moral and spiritual
injunctions of the Torah and applied them to a
society in which there was pervasive evil -- which
is why our society now needs to turn to the
prophets for guidance, and to act more like the
villagers of Chambon.

Those who steal (certainly comparatively more)
out of hunger, cold or other necessity we send to
jail, while those who steal out of pure greed, who
already have more than enough -- the white collar
criminals, the tax cheats -- those we slap on the
wrist and fine, as if the fine really hurts them. Of
course this is so, because the latter criminals
make and enforce the laws!

It's an ugly stupid world of money grubbers out
If there's one homeless person in the country,
God will destroy it.
A society of morons sprinting on hamster-cage
treadmills with a carrot -- or should I say a slab of
steak -- dangling in front of their faces, which
distracts them from the red hot poker being stuck
up their behinds.
I am profoundly and deeply ashamed of myself
and of all Americans. What have we come to
when we accept people living in the street as the
normal course of business? This is the richest
country on earth. We could, if we wanted to, build
minimally decent and adequate housing for the
homeless. Since we don't, we must not want to.
This says something ugly and horrible about our
personal and national souls.
If there is any God in heaven who destroyed
Sodom and Gomorrah, he would have destroyed
our country a hundred times already.
Whatever the ancient Israelites, or other peoples,
did to deserve and bring on the holy destruction
of God Almighty, we've done, and are guilty of, a
thousand times worse. Where is the judgment?
Where is the salvation?
"There are two sides to every issue."

"There's no black and white, only shades of gray."

The only people who talk like this are:

--The rich, who are well-insulated enough by
money, power and geographical distance so as to
(feel themselves to) be insulated from the effects
of the struggle.

--Reporters, who are professionally trained to
think of the world as an inverted pyramid, where
first one side, then another side is briefly
presented; then more details and background
facts, all supposedly objective and neutral, are
added; while the entire time (often unknown to
the reporter) a whole understructure of
assumptions, most of them racist, fascist,
capitalistic and uncaring (aren't all these words
varied ways of describing Satan's manifestation
on earth?) actually put the story firmly in one
camp or the other.

Does any religion teach shades of gray?!! Does
any religion say:

"Thou shall not kill -- except when others can do
it for you at a distance, enough layers removed so
that you can declaim responsibility and say (in
the supposedly most democratic country!)
`There's nothing I (we) can do about it.´"

"Thou shalt not steal -- except when the society
can do it for you in ways so cleverly crafted and
(e.g., the global food system, foreign
that you think you're aiding, actually adding to
the material wherewithal of, the victims."

But above all (or more accurately, below all, as in
our boot heels), are there shades of gray to the
victims? Are there shades of gray to them?
You're either hungry or fed. And who chooses
to starve? You're free or oppressed. And who
chooses slavery? You're dead or alive. And who
chooses death? We only choose starvation,
slavery and death for others.


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