The Atman Project and...
The concept of a "Heaven" where "you" go is
another sop to the ego, which is afraid of its own
dissolution (assuming, of course, the ego exists
at all).
...People's Behavior
People do cruel stuff so they can feel
comparatively better off.
The less Eros you have, the more Thanatos
avoidance you need. So when a group has more
than its proportionate share of Eros (money,
power, etc.), those left without enough Eros need
more Thanatos reduction, in other words more
substitute sacrifice, and who better to perform
those substitute sacrifices on, than those who
took their Eros?
Every utterance, microscopic movement, and
thought is the ONE -- or at least the Atman Project
seeking expression.
All each of them wants to do is melt into the
universe, but they donít know that.
The reason you should be amazed by, and love,
every other person (and living creature?) is
because they have that same Atman within them
that you do.
The Atman Project is the cause of Three Pillars.
The need of the ruling class to always have an
external enemy is not (just) derived from their
desire to have a high military budget to help their
arms industry friends; nor, going a little deeper, is
it solely derived from a desire to dominate the
world's resources. Rather, their need to create an
external enemy is a projection of their own
aggressive, war-making desires and actions; and
ultimately, it's an exercise by the Atman Project of
its own needs to both deal death to others, and to
be cosmocentric and  (in the form of the nation)
You have to preach the Atman Project, at least
in part, or they won't stop (committing or
tolerating atrocities). In other words, it's the
cause of their behavior.
According to Wilber, you can't really get people to
stop grabbing for excess Eros, or to stop
oppressing and killing to get rid of Thanatos, until
level eight is achieved. You can, however, offer
"benign substitutes" more "humanely and
synergistically arranged." (Is this what liberation
[Up from Eden, p. 335]

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