Definition of SRD
Many people interact with the world with one or
more of the following, often unconscious
assumptions continually present:

     --that person is different than me, so there's
   --that person doesn't respect me, is judging
      me negatively;
   --that person and I have conflicting goals;
      we are in a win-lose situation.

Instead, utilize the following assumptions:

   --that person is the same as me, so I'm safe;
   --that person respects me, and is not judging
   --our goals dovetail, and this situation can be
      win-win, especially when, ultimately, we get
      beyond the Atman Project

These changed assumptions can be abbreviated
as "same/safe, respect/no judgment, dovetail/
Atman Project," or, SRD.

With these changed assumptions in place,
circumstances may make it appropriate to test the
SRD assumptions, and consider the possibility

    --there is difference and danger: but there 
       must be real visual, auditory or kinesthetic
       evidence indicating that;
    --there is judging, or a lack of respect: but
       there must be real visual, auditory or
       kinesthetic evidence indicating that; and/or
      --there are conflicting goals: but there must
       be real visual, auditory or kinesthetic
       evidence indicating that.

Respect/no judgment means to not judge (or hate)
the person; but the act can be judged and hated
and fought against. In other words, fight against
their actions, not against the person.
Respect/no judgment: no judgment of the person,
but you can judge the deed.
Same/safe. How could it be otherwise? Buddha-
Nature. Suchness Nature.

Respect/no judgment. Who is there to judge? Or
to be judged by?

Dovetail/Atman Project. Of course.

Ssrnda (same/safe, respect/no judgment, dovetail/
Atman Project).
How to Apply SRD
Assume, and then look for evidence of, SRD.
Don't run away from, or accept, the "he's ripping
me off, giving me used/defective goods" feeling.
Rather, transmute it with the awareness that he
and all the rest (of the salespeople) are Me, my
Be gentle in thought, word and deed.

Use this in SRD.

Imagine what they must have gone through to
be like this; admire how strong they are to have
coped; ask, what can they do to improve, and I do
to guide them?

Apply this all to myself.

Others (at least subconsciously) see me as same/
safe, respect/non-judging them, dovetailing them.
When others are mean to me -- are not utilizing
SRD -- they may be acting that way almost
unconsciously, guided by their inner Atman
. Am I upaya-skilled enough to
communicate successfully with it?
I'm safe.
I'm respected.
I'm dovetailed (if only sometimes at first by my
own ingenuity, but, ultimately, by their Atman
The "respect/no judgment" step is applicable not
only to people, but to animals and entities (e.g.,
Apply SRD to all inanimate (also non-human
animate) objects.
Use SRD with myself.
Inanimate objects -- including my own muscles,
ligaments and tendons -- are included in SRD, in
the "love the universe" teachings, etc.

This makes me feel very, very nice.

Indeed, the admonition to avoid being racist,
sexist, and speciesist should be expanded to
include the concept of "animism"
(or "consciousism") as another type of
discrimination to be avoided -- that against
"inanimate" objects.

Apply SRD to the see...hear.

This could be in a meditation, which would be
called an "SRD" meditation.


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