All = A Substitute for God Knowledge
All Western world mass media entertainment is an
attempt to get away from -- to escape -- God and
All of "civilization" is an attempt to escape from
Everything is a substitute for God knowledge.
Constant Addressing of God
Each living being that is suffering is, whether it
does so consciously or not, issuing a constant
prayer to God (us) for its relief.
All = God Trying to Manifest Itself
I'm in a constant struggle with the Bodhi Mind,
which is trying to break through.
The Spirit struggles to be an active, guiding
component of every moment of your existence. 
The more you allow it to, the more you know God.
Every utterance, microscopic movement, and
thought is the ONE -- or at least the Atman Project
seeking expression.
Every hear-see-smell-taste-touch-think of me or
others is God trying to break out, to manifest 
itself, so try to remember and see that, and to help
along (You along, dummy!).
You don't have to worry about finding God. God's
looking for and coming to get you now.
All = Trying to Get Back to God
The cat was doing what a cat does. We should do
what a human being does -- seek and strive
toward Enlightenment, every second.
Who I search for is God.
Whether any person (or even any animal, plant or
atom of matter) is aware of it or not, every thought
word, deed and action -- whether voluntary or
involuntary, conscious or unconscious, willed or
against the will -- is trying to get back to God.
How much more wonderful it is to Be aware of it
and go with it!
Just like the physical universe Big Bang, the
Universal Mind had a Big Bang, and we're all
pieces of it trying to find our way back.
All each of them wants to do is melt into the
universe, but they donít know that.
Every person is in a struggle to remember she/he
is God.
The whole world is saying one big Shma.

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