All of the Universe is doing what it's doing
(as ONE), just like my body does what it's doing 
as ONE. I don't think my liver is doing this, my arm
that, etc. -- so with the universe, in the same
multi-variegated, but ultimately unitary way.

To be even a little mean to, to cause even a little
harm to, any other person place or thing,
Is like deliberately walking around stubbing your
toe or banging your head into open closet doors.

I look at things from this perspective: I am the
whole earth (universe?!), and all the people,
places and things are little parts of me. So just as
I don't favor my right side over my left, my lungs
over my kidney, or my little toe over my thumb, so
it is with the matter objects of the Earth.

It makes as much sense for me to fight with
another man as for my left hand to do battle with
my right.

It makes as much sense for me to steal from
another man as for my pancreas to steal nutrients
from my liver.

Know that it is so.

My religion is primarily solidarity with people
struggling for freedom and liberation. If my left
arm is caught in the jaws of a lion, but my legs
and right arm say "Hey, we don't feel anything,
and we're not going to do anything about it," I'm
going to bleed to death. Similarly, if we're really all
ONE, and anybody, anywhere is being oppressed,
I feel the pain, just like my left arm in the lion's
jaw; and if I don't help that oppressed person free
themselves (or more accurately in too many
instances, stop doing the oppressing) then I'm
going to die also.

Mouth in the lion's jaw (or machinery), redux:

More than just my right hand not wanting to help if
my left hand is being mauled in machinery,
imagine if the right hand then began getting a
manicure and a massage, as well as worrying
about my hairstyle and figure!

Treat every molecule of existence as preciously
as the most tender part of your own body.

Just as what good is it if my pinky is strong and
feels great, but the rest of my body is near death,
what good is it if it stays where a few individuals
are enlightened, and the rest of the world
continues hating and slaughtering each other?

We must all get together because we're all part of
the same (Universal Big Mind) organism. (In other
words, the liver shouldn't fight with the heart, any
one atom with any other atom.)


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