Emulate God
Obviously, the quality of your mind is very
important, because the Universe has quite a high
quality of Mind. (cf. "Ye shall be holy, for I am
To act godly and to act humane, is the same.
Do each thing -- in execution and attention -- as if
you're illustrating it for a video of the King of the
Universe doing it.
Proceed with the dignity and majesty that is 
(for example, at the demonstration this morning)

        True Religion                vs.          False Religion

humbly universalistic          vs.   proudly ethnocentric

emphasize the spiritual/              emphasis on legalistic/
mystical core of the             vs.   ritualistic compliance
religion and the need for 
growth in those areas

prophetic in seeing our       vs.   the self-congratula-
own real selves and                     tions of the Bible's
society                                            false prophets

above all, it would be a                 the God of "In God
religion of the God of           vs.    We Trust" and self-
peace and social justice               aggrandizement
for men, and seek to 
activate the Biblical 
mandate for us all to 
emulate God in working
with all our might for 
those goals

Let God Pervade Every Thought, Word and Deed
To the extent that I am able, I try to allow my every
thought, word and action to be infused with and
guided by, and be an expression of, God's light
shining into the world.
The Shiviti doesn't mean just when you feel good
and aren't sick and have no aches and pains and
nothing to "worry" about. It means just what it
says: ALWAYS!!
Think Only About God
Why is there a need to think about
anything other than what you're doing
                                    the Present
Know Things As God Does
If the hallmark of intellectual intelligence -- 
wisdom -- is being able to put yourself in the other
personís shoes and understand things from their
point of view, and if the hallmark of emotional
intelligence -- compassion -- is being able to put
yourself in the other personís shoes and feel
things as they do, then the hallmark of spiritual
intelligence is being able to put yourself in Godís
shoes and know things as God does.
Know the God Within
What is the most important thing in life?

To get to know the God within. Once that's done,
all subsequent thoughts, words and deeds,
indeed being itself, will be WONDERFUL -- for
yourself, and for all other beings and non-being
constituents of Creation.

Know God
You're (I'm) a human being who can know God.
My a priori assumption is that the purpose of
existence is to know and become one with God.
Could there be a more final goal? A higher one?
One more exciting or compelling?
To know One Person well is to know yourSelf, is 
to know GOD.
The Spirit struggles to be an active, guiding
component of every moment of your existence.  
The more you allow it to, the more you know God.
Everything is a substitute for God knowledge.
Realize God
You can see God in your (reflecting pool-like)
mind only when your mind is completely still, just
like you can see trees reflected in the water along
the shore of a lake only when the lake is
completely still.
I want to model what makes people 
compassionate, and install it in people (covertly).
How about doing that with what makes people
realize God!
Join With God
By whatever path an individual can attach his soul
to the Divine, that's the path that individual
should take.
Abide in the Living God, the hear-see-smell-taste-
That ecstasy and union with God is in the here
and now, "real" world.
I put myself into a state of bliss, 
interconnectedness and God Union.
Be One With God
My a priori assumption is that the purpose of
existence is to know and become one with God.
Could there be a more final goal? A higher one?
One more exciting or compelling?
If God is love, righteousness, compassion and
justice, then to the extent your every thought,
word, action and movement -- your entire being--
is not these things, you are far, and yet farther
away from God. And to the extent these four
attributes guide your thoughts, your words, your
every action and movement -- permeate your very
being -- you are close, and yet closer to God.
When you are love, righteousness, compassion
and justice, you are One with God. For what else
is it worth striving?
Every day, every hour, each second I try to grow
physically more healthy and strong; intellectually
more wise; emotionally more open, 
compassionate and understanding; and spiritually
more One with God.
Everything I'm doing every second of the day,
Everything I'm thinking every second of the day,
Everything I am every second of the day,
Is from God to help me grow, and become one
with him/her/he/she/it.
Be God
Buddhism is really a religion of the psychology of
Being God.
Every person is in a struggle to remember that
she or he is God.
In our workaday consciousness, God is 
something to worship, to aspire to imitate in our
words, thoughts and deeds. But in meditation,
and thereafter, God is something to be.
I can only live with people whom the light of God
is shining through. This means in the physical
realm that they are sharing with others, don't
hoard and hog more than their God-derived
rightful share (what other source of right is
there?) of his Earth's resources, and don't kill
animals to eat them or otherwise utilize their slain
bodies; on the intellectual level, that they
understand the cause of suffering in this world;
on the emotional plane, that they feel the suffering
of other sentient beings; and on the spiritual
plane, because of their physical, intellectual and
emotional understanding, that they spend as
much of their time as is humanly possible
fighting to end the suffering of all sentient and
non-sentient beings, thereby easing God's
suffering, and becoming God.
I want to stop the killing, stop the torture, end the
suffering, accomplish the healing, and be the 
I have no desire in me but to love-serve-be God.

What I hear doesn't matter,
It's just a bunch of sounds.
What I see doesn't matter,
It's just a bunch of forms.
What I smell doesn't matter,
It's just a bunch of odors.
What I taste doesn't matter,
It's just a bunch of flavors.
What I feel doesn't matter,
It's just a bunch of sensations.
What I am does matter,
That's God.

What can I do except God's work?
What can I feel except God's feelings?
What can I know except God's thoughts?
What can I be except be God?
What can I except God?
God Sit (Earth as part of the corner of my 
Whole-God Body: nothing really matters.
(can be read as "Nothing" really does matter!)
I Am Who I Am and No Other.
I'm not just a Jew but a Christian, Muslim, 
Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem, animist, spirit
worshipper, Shaman, Zulu, African, Asian, black,
white, red, green, yellow, lion, cub, donkey, deer,
monkey, grass, rock, atom, photon, God.

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