Any one single Thought in the Present is
Whatever you're doing in each Moment with
equanimity is God.
(What you're doing) Right Now is God.
God is Consciousness. (The rest is electro-
chemical reactions.)
Consciousness turning in on itself is God.
God is everything your ego doesn't recognize as
its own.
Recognize God in every one and every thing --
(Chant this.)
The viewpoint of the whole thing is God.
I'm just the unfolding action of the universe.
Everything has to be God, or nothing is.
When I hear-see-smell-taste-touch-think-feel-
the same as every one of my brothers and
sisters, that's God.
The Messiah is the one in whose face we see
ours, in whose being we see our selves reflected.

When everyone sees the same self reflected in
someone, that someone is the Messiah, and the
Messiah is Us, or the One Self, the One.

Hear O Israel, the Lord Our God, The Lord is One.

Listen, you, all you who worship and seek, All that
is -- Everything -- is One.

God is the One Moment when you're totally not
How You Live
If you don't cause trouble, then you're God.
God is Life, or Love, in other words Togetherness,
No Boundary, No Conflict.
We're each alive as a human being to the extent
we have love for animals and non-related humans,
another name for love being compassion, an
attribute not common in the animal kingdom
(perhaps not being necessary because animals
generally don't oppress, torture, starve, kill and
cause myriad other forms of suffering to
non-related sentient beings, except when
biologically impelled to do so for food) -- love and
compassion being, actually, the manifestation of
God in the physical/emotional world.
If God is love, righteousness, compassion and
justice, then to the extent your every thought,
word, action and movement -- your entire being--
is not these things, you are far, and yet farther
away, from God. And to the extent these four
attributes guide your thoughts, your words, your
every action and movement -- permeate your
very being -- you are close, and yet closer to
God. When you are love, righteousness,
compassion and justice, you are One with God.
For what else is it worth striving?
Liberation theology is the Oneness of
meditation -- the Big Mind of Zen -- concretized,
enfleshed and writ large upon the physical world.
My Name Is Love and Compassion.
I am God, and your humble servant, at the same

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