The blowing of the wind,
The rustling of the leaves,
Are they any different
From what's within?

The birds chirp so gaily,
The sun shines so brightly,
Look deep, deep inside you.

The world is indeed alive with love.

How beautiful and wonderful the Universe and
Everything in It Is.

The sun and the moon and the stars are mine!

Everything's wonderful!
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

It's so important that everyone (and everything
else) I know be happy and wonderful because
I am them. They are ME. How glorious!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

While before it was a ping pong ball,
Buffeted by id forces of beauty
And Physical Embodiment
With a kick in the groin,
Now it's the gently buffeting
Force of Love,
Of the Soul,
Of all,
That buffets not so much from
Person to Person,
But from within one part
Of My Self to another,
All one,
All happy,
All serene.
I could cry,
And will.

Every atom of creation, every thought, word,
deed, being and object sings out with God's
praises, shouting for all Eternity, Evermore,
"I AM!"

Every atom et al seen, heard, smelled... is
glorious, joyous, creation, god, wonder.


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