The whole world bows down to it.
The Universe bows to me just by being there.
Everything is always bowing to me, if I could but
see it.
I am always bowing to everything, if they could
but see it.
Let yourself bow and be bowed to,
and let the universe bow and be bowed to,
and let bowing.
I'm bowing and the Universe is accepting it, and
the Universe is bowing and I'm accepting it, and...
The being bowed to and the bower are no big
I'm always Looking and I'm always Bowing.
Hand concentrate bow.
Watch/do, do/watch.
Give and receive, give and receive.
The bow-bower-bowee is the Eternal Dance, the
Play of Reality.
Gleaming alabaster bowings.

The bow              is two black heavy
plastic tape dispensers.

Nothing Else
No deep intellectual think, just the literal back
and forth of bow.
It's okay to just Be (bowing).
Just bower and bowee and bowing. Nothing more.
No bower. No bowee. Just bowing.
Just Bowin' Goin' On.
By the ugliness/other bowing to me, and it seeing
me bow to it, mutual compassion and
comprehension of our unity is gained.
I am the bower and the bowee.
An anonymous bower and bowee (in other words,
not me).
I'm really not aware which is me.
True mix up at the end over who's bowing to
whom first -- me or ROW. I let it stand.
Who knows (who's bowing to whom)?
Who's bowing to whom?
It's not just that you get as much joy from bowing
as being bowed to, but that one without the other
is no good, not right, incomplete -- it's their
combination/fusion/Oneness that's IT!
When the joy of bowing to is just as great as the
joy of being bowed to...
The Universe is bowing also -- do you know what
that means!!
All One
The bowee is the woman soul mate I want, it's
everything I'm not, including all the ugliest
aspects thereof -- and when we can bow and be
bowed to as ONE, that's IT.
It's to recognize that the whole world is bowing
to you, and then that it's nothing other than you
bowing to yourself, an (internal) activity of you,
To be the bower and the receiver of the bow, to
be the act of bowing, is truly to be the one (ALL
Bowing and being bowed to are the Same Thing.
To be bowed to makes one very happy, and to
bow makes ONE very happy! Especially when
they're together at once!
Bow and watch, bow and watch, bow and watch,
All One !

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