Just do what you have to do that moment, without
worrying about all the other things you have to do
which you're not doing that moment. (This is okay
only if priorities are fairly straight?)
There is rarely, if ever, a need to be thinking about
anything else other than what you're doing. If you
are, perhaps you should be doing the thing you're
thinking about, instead of doing the thing you're
Any thought other than what you're doing is,
ultimately, a little ridiculous.  If you don't want to
be thinking fully about what you're doing, then
why are you doing it, and not doing the other
[This writing can be read in the cadence of Jackie
Mason, who I saw the night before writing this.]
You're never doing two things at once. It's rather,
at best (or more accurately, at worst), a micro-
second of attention to one activity, and then some
similar period of time to the other. The more you
think you're doing two things literally at once, the
smaller are the microseconds
of alternating, and
thus the more chopped up and segmented is your

Doing or thinking about a second thing cheapens
the first.

The richest, fullest experience is total attention to
one activity or thought. That is sanctifying it, being
in the ONE.

You can never be doing anything other than what
you're doing.
Thinking only about the present doesn't require
effort; it requires allowing yourself to.
The being 100% in the present in what you're
doing isn't (just) the conscious mind, but the
entire mind (in other words, all "parts").
Whole being integrity: mind doing what body does, 
body thinking what mind thinks.
Your surroundings are a manifestation of your Self.

If you're not in harmony with your surroundings,
then you're not in harmony with yourSelf.

Thinking about anything other than where, what,
who and how you are right now is, therefore,
thinking about something other than your Self.

Think just about what you're doing and you've got
it. Then who's really thinking?
Why is there a need to think about
anything other than what you're doing
                                    the Present
Thinking about something other than what you're

Thinking about what you're doing.


The extent to which you're out of your present
body-mind is the measure of how unhappy you are.
Is Nirvana the just "doing what you're doing," all
involved in it, not thinking of other stuff -- not just
in those things that really grab you, but each
second after second, one after another?
Any one single Thought in the Present is
Live Gracefully in the Moment.
Every moment and the Fullness Thereof.
Doing one Thing at a Time.
Just Sittin' Here Meditatin'.

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