Nothing is preparation for anything else; all is for
what it is.
How can anything in the future be more important
than what you're doing now?
There's never anything more than what you're
doing. Never. How could there be?
What you're doing right NOW is most important!
There's no more important second in all eternity
than THIS SECOND (what you're doing this
Each thing you're doing this very second is the
most important thing you'll do today -- in your
whole life -- in all your lifetimes -- so you better do
it well!
Everything I'm doing is the most important thing
that moment, that day, even in all Eternity, NOW.
Each thing I'm doing is the most important thing in
the universe -- as will be the case with the next
thing, when it's being done.
The world is now at the ultimate juncture,
perfectly balanced between good and evil, on the
precipice between Heaven or Hell. So what you
think, say and do in the next second will tip the
balance one way or the other, determine the fate
of the Universe, of every sentient being and each
iota of matter, for all eternity.
If God blinks or daydreams, the World vanishes.
So should we (have to) concentrate.
(What you're doing) Right Now is God.

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